Mode Supports the Start Project and Luton Learning link with Donation of Unused Laptops

If COVID-19 has taught us anything it is that life is unpredictable and as humans, we are capable of great compassion and kindness.

The last year has been so difficult for so many people, in so many ways and our young people have been home-schooled, isolated, and often left without the right technology to at least help them try and keep up with their schoolwork.

One poll of teachers revealed that 88% had students they believed were falling behind due to lack of access to online learning **

COVID-19 has certainly highlighted the digital divide-those that have- and those that do not. So, when team members of Mode heard about people and companies donating unused but perfectly good laptops to those that needed them the most, we felt we had to get involved.

The Restart Project is an incredible, community led organisation that teaches people to fix their broken or slow devices, and it was on hearing about their campaign to engage with people to donate their unwanted devices to those that could benefit from them, where we got involved. On the Restart Projects website, you can find a donation centre close to you-ours was The Luton Learning link where we contacted them to find out how we could donate. We had 6 laptops all in good working order that were no longer needed by our employees and were in fact just sitting, being wasted. What was incredible is that the Luton Learning Link support children that are not eligible for Government help but do really need it.

So, our wonderful IT Manager Tim, wiped the laptops and delivered them to Veritas who are kindly supporting the charity in repurposing the devices ready for people to use.

Charitable donations have always been so important to Mode and for us to support this incredible initiative, we are so pleased we can.

laptop donation

Mode’s Laptops ready to go to their new homes!

If you would like to find out more to see if you too can support, then look at our links to The Restart Project and Luton Learning Link:

Luton Learning Link

The Restart Project

** Quote taken from the start Project website.

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