Mode’s pets are the real stars!

Well, we have been working from home for some time now and it kind of does feel the norm. However, not being in the office has affected many as they have become isolated-particularly if you live alone and do not have a support bubble.

It is widely accepted that pets have always been our best friends and Science Daily recently reported that pets were linked to maintaining better mental health and reducing loneliness.

Science Daily shared details on a recent survey conducted by University of York and the university of Lincoln, with over 6,000 participants — found that having a pet was linked to maintaining better mental health and reducing loneliness.

So, it got us wondering? What are the pets of our Mode Teams doing to keep us feeling well and less isolated in lockdown?

We asked our team to share their pets with us and tell us what they have been up to!

Mode Pets








As you can see Lady (such a cutie) doesn’t like getting up for work! It’s a good job our Technical Director in our Communications Team is better at it than lady is-but who could resist her!


Smurf is so happy his mummy is home-but he just wants to play all day and she is busy supporting our clients in our Client Support team!


Simon was enjoying his lunch break a bit too much! We will have to have a word with him as his mum is busy making sure our clients are supported!


Stanley is just too cute, but his mummy cannot look in his eyes while she’s working-who could blame her!

We love our Mode Pets and thank goodness they have been here to see us through all working from home! Why not see if your teams will share their pictures of how their pets are supporting them?


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