Returning Safely to the Office after Covid

The Government have announced our plan for coming out of lockdown finally, and as businesses, we can start to plan for our teams to come back into the office.

This must be done though with thought and consideration with clear plans in place so that not only as business leaders, you minimise the spread of the virus, but that your teams feel safe and secure in coming back into the office.

So, what are the things we should all be thinking about now?

  1. Engage your teams in the plans!

With every policy you implement in terms of safety for your teams, ensure that you engage with them with guidance and support, so that they are clear on the plan, what measures business leaders have put into place and what their role is in upholding them.

  1. Listen to how your team feel!

It is sure to say that we have never experienced to this magnitude any thing of its kind. People may be anxious to return to work, they may feel eager. Gage the vibe of your teams by speaking with them so that you can share any concerns so that you can express them before they return and hopefully resolve any issues.

  1. Make physical changes in the workplace!

You may need to consider the layout of your office. Desks and chairs may need to be moved; meeting spaces changed to ensure that there is sufficient social distance. You may need to consider screens to partition your teams and make sure that however small, there is outside space should it be needed-but with obvious rules about how that space is used.

  1. Implement stricter cleaning policies!

Now, we are not implying that you never clean your office, but there may be areas that have a higher flow of traffic and need deeper, more regular cleaning. Identify these and ensure you have the resource to keep your offices clean for your teams.

  1. Be clear, be transparent.

Frequent and clear communication Is key when planning on bringing back your teams to the office. Let them know what the plan is, be clear in your policies, open to the door for discussion. In this constantly evolving situation, nothing is for certain, so you need to have plans and be clear in your approach.

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This post was written by Anwen Haynes1

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