How your Managed Print Provider Support your Return to the Office

We have all been hit hard by this pandemic over the last year within our personal and business lives. Hopefully now we have our roadmap back to some normality along with the vaccine and we hope that we can start returning to the office in some way soon.

Last year Xerox is a global business survey that estimated that 82% of the workforce would return in just over a year’s time and it appears that the estimate is fairly accurate! Right now, as the kids return to school, we are all contemplating several things regarding our return to the office and one of those elements for consideration, should be “how can our managed Print Solutions be ready to support our return to work?”

Potentially, your managed print solution is an area of transmission for the virus, equally it is a source of technology that could support your teams when they return.

So, let us look at how your printing environment would be able to facilitate the return to work:

Printing in a safe and secure way

Contact printing will be crucial in the new office world. If you have not already got contactless printing, then we have always considered this an amazing solution to ensure that your printing documents are secure. It reduces the risk of left print outs on the printer and supports your security policy. Now it also supports limiting the risk of transmitting the virus too!

Remote working is here to stay-it is the dawn of the hybrid office.

Right now, we are seeing technological, demographic, and sociological transitions because of the virus. Really you could argue that it has been happening for some time and that the virus has merely sped the process up. Our teams will work remotely, where they want and when they want, and our businesses need the technology to support this now because to facilitate this transition, we will all need the solutions at hand to ensure our teams can collaborate. So as business leaders, we will need to support the hybrid office for the future ensuring that productivity, efficiency, and security is not compromised. So, we need to be looking at document management solutions that will ensure the flow of documentation between your teams is future proofed and supports the changing office environment.

The digital transformation is accelerating due to covid.

Digital transformation has certainly seen acceleration in the last year and focus has been on ensuring that our businesses have the hardware and the software that meets our needs. Businesses are implementing budgets that support the hybrid office environment with a 56% increase in technology budgets and 34% of businesses planning to speed up their digital transformation. Focus needs to be on ensuring that we have the digital budget to implement the right tools for our teams.

Speak to Mode today and find out how our managed print solutions can support your hybrid office for now and in the future.

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