Are there the right printing and document management tools to support hybrid working?

We’ve now had time to adapt to working from home, and as we slowly come out of lock down, businesses are considering how we should work going forward.

You may have been told not to return, you may have been told come back in the office, or you may have been told that you can work at home and in the office to ensure that we slowly readapt to life and prevent the spread of the virus again.

However, Mode was wondering how may people were struggling to work from home because you didn’t have the right print and document management tools to support you? You may have a home printer, so you may have been thinking, why do I need a work printer? Also, you may have needed to flow documents through your organisation and struggled with that working from home, meaning invoices were difficult to sign off and transfer to other areas of the business.

Now is the time to consider this next layer of complexities when people are in the office and still working from home and how your business remains seamless and efficient.

Workplace solutions

So why do you need to consider your print solutions in the office and at home?

Well, there are many considerations for both environments.

When you’re in the office:

You need a workplace solution that protects your employees and protects your business. Consider printing solutions that allow the following:

  • Touchless printing: Allow your teams an app from their mobile devices so that they can release their print jobs without even touching the printers.
  • Implement authentication and access control by a card that can release the print job when at the device-another secure and safe way for your teams to access the printing they need.

When you’re at home

There are several printer options that you can provide to your teams at home:

  • A home printer that you can ensure is connected to your network which provides your teams at home the best printing equipment but that which is secure for your business.

What about the flow of work between home and office?

  • You really need to consider a document management system that allows your teams to work wherever they are and that they can work seamlessly regardless of their location.

How do you keep track of everything going on?

  • That’s when you need to ensure that you have implemented all the analytical tools necessary to keep track of your printing and document management.

Mode has several options available for you, so why not contact us today to find out how we can support your hybrid office.

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This post was written by Anwen Haynes1

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