A Community Nursery in Need of Organisation

The Company’s Issues

A community nursery was really struggling with the organisation of their print solution.

They suffered regular printer conflicts, where more than one person was trying to use the same printer at once. This was making it difficult for members to have quick access to the printer and often jobs came out all at once, which meant that staff then had to spend time separating out the print jobs.

The previous supplier did not have the infrastructure  to service any of the printers so this was subcontracted to another provider, which meant that the nursery often experienced 24 hour delays in response to service calls since they were not a priority for the subcontractor. When they ordered supplies, they could take over a week to arrive – during that time, they would not be able to print at all.

Mode’s Solution

Our Account Manager reviewed the nursery’s needs and offered a solution that would resolve all concerns. The new equipment has allowed staff to send their work to print but the job will not be processed until they release it with their unique code – this has avoided mixed print jobs and waste. There is also an option to delete anything that was accidentally sent to the printer or if it is no longer necessary, which helps to reduce the amount of paper wasted each day.

Mode’s engineers are also based around the post codes where clients are located, which cuts down the waiting time for printer servicing or maintenance to an average of just over 1hr 30.

The Managed Print Solution we implemented also notifies us of when toner levels are low and we use this information to dispatch toner when required without the Nursery ever having to worry about it, or ever running out. Mode believes in proactive service to our clients which will significantly reduce down time on any of our equipment. We have award winning levels of service by offering preventative maintenance which minimises equipment malfunctions, and our first time fix rate is 96%.