A Leading University Turns to Mode for Help with GDPR

GDPR is the hot topic of the moment. On May 25th all companies and organisations will need to comply with the new law that will replace the current Data Protection laws. By not complying, Businesses could be fined 4% of annual turnover or 20 million euros, whichever is greater.

The University’s Issues

Mode welcomed the opportunity to speak with one of the UK’s leading Universities when they approached us about their concerns regarding the new GDPR legislation.

Research has shown that only 2% of printers and multi-functional devices are secure and this has been highlighted as one of the areas of vulnerability when it comes to safe-guarding personal data.

The University will obviously be responsible for protecting a large quantity of personal details and at the time of meeting, they had no way of demonstrating who was printing what and where. Without an accurate audit trail, the business would be deemed as negligent under GDPR and potentially incur a fine. The University did not even know if their current multifunctional device was under attack.

Other issues for them included that they only had one central device, which during peak printing periods was struggling to cope and they had experience several situations where the multifunctional device had malfunctioned. This has left them with no machines for long periods of time and print jobs have had to be sourced externally which means they have incurred huge costs.

Mode’s Solution

After having evaluated all the university’s needs, Mode suggested a Managed Print Suite that included a bespoke system that will now allow them to have a transparent audit trail of all documents printed. This also means that if there is a data breach, authorities will be able to identify the source thus protects the business and assists in the compliance of GDPR.

We have also ensured that all the relevant anti-virus security firewall has been implemented with encrypted hard ware. These features allow the university to be protected from an attack and will demonstrate their endeavours to safe-guard all the data they hold.

The multifunctional device implemented also has comprehensive firmware which provides alerts should there be any harmful changes to the device detected. Specialised white-listing technology constantly monitors for any malicious malware running which will allow the university to ensure that should there ever be a data breach sourced back to the device, will be detected immediately and able to be prevented and reported to the relevant authorities within the required 72 hours.

Mode also ensured that they were provided with an additional device as it was apparent that the university needed extra support, meaning that they have enough machines for their printing needs and should the unlikely occur and a malfunction occur, they will have the second machine that they so need.

Should you need assistance with GDPR and what it means to your business then please contact Mode.