Award Winning Premier Services and Bespoke Experiences Provider Seeks Mode’s Advice

The Company’s Issues

Our client is a prestigious service provider that offers exclusive VIP experiences. They need their print solutions to produce high quality itinerary booklets that have high resolution pictures on quality paper stock.

The company faced several challenges with their current print solutions: the process they followed to create the itinerary booklets required manual printing and stapling on every single copy. They produced approximately 30-40 booklets per week, so the company was wasting considerable time manually folding and stapling when they could have the printer do it quickly and accurately in a fraction of the time.

The printers were also not capable of printing high quality photographs, so the booklets did not reflect their brand or the attention to detail they showed in all other aspects of their service. Customers expected a luxury product from beginning to end, including their itinerary booklet and schedule.

When they approached their existing supplier about upgrading or improving their service, they discovered that they could not amend their contract – the supplier would not make any changes unless they leased a new machine and started a brand new contract.

Mode’s Solution

Mode analysed the company’s challenges and suggested a printer that is equipped with a high end professional finisher, offering the client the ability to create the itinerary booklets at the touch of a button. The machine has the capability to fold and staple, eliminating employee involvement and freeing up time in their already busy schedule.

Their new equipment also printed images or a much higher quality, so the overall finish is a true reflection of their brand, values, and customer service approach.

Finally, the company know that they have a flexible contract – if their needs change or grow, we can make adjustments as necessary so their print solution is always fit for purpose.