Business Printers for a London Publishing Company

As print requirements grow, companies often buy products and services from a number of different companies to meet urgent demands. Unfortunately, this makes servicing and maintaining the machines extremely complicated. It can also hugely increase the amount that you spend since very little negotiation is done to create cost efficiencies.

The Organisation’s Issues

The publishing company owned equipment from 5 different manufacturers, which was bought from 3 different suppliers. There was a lot of confusion over which company was responsible for each machine, and staff didn’t know how to use the machines effectively as each one had different requirements.

It was also difficult to keep track of consumables since each printer took different toner and staff consistently ordered the wrong items, meaning that they were spending yet more money without gaining any value.

Mode’s Solution

Mode simplified their printer fleet, ordering the right machine for every department to fulfill their needs while consolidating unnecessary equipment. We offered consistency in the range of devices supplied which meant that training time was reduced and staff could order the same consumables for multiple devices.

Arranging everything through a single supplier simplified their billing and ordering procedures. They now have one contact, one company and one number for everything – including their leased print agreement. Mode is the only company they need to speak to about their printing needs.