Communication Executive Specialists Seek Refined Print Solutions

The Company’s Issues

There were several challenges facing the Communications Executive Specialists when Mode first met with them. The quality of print from their current devices was dreadful and far too inferior to show the big clients they work with, some of which included large banks, such as HSBC.

The devices were slow and temperamental and they had experienced several breakdowns. As a result, there were considerable delays in printing important documents that were needed to pitch to clients!

Even scanning was a lengthy process and there was no way of scanning employment contracts onto their CRM system.

Furthermore, all of their machines were different models which meant there was a lack of consistency in their print processes, as well as wasted space. Ordering toners online used up valuable administration time, as there was a need to ensure that there were toners for all the separate machines. Not to mention that this out-dated machinery looked out of place in their new office environment.


Mode’s Solution

Mode proposed several devices that ensured the company had a print resolution of 1200dpi, which was double the resolution of their current machines. This allows them to produce high quality volume of work for their large clients.

The devices we provided them with were also a lot faster, which would lead to enhanced productivity. Along with Mode’s award-winning Service Team, our client could be assured of a call out time of less than 2 hours on average. This means that any down time (in the unlikely event of a need for an engineer) would be significantly minimised.

Mode also configured all the devices so that staff could scan straight to a stored email address saved on the equipment and/or server. Furthermore, we streamlined processes so that a scan could go from the device to the CRM system, alleviating the need to save the document to a folder and then drag to the CRM. As we had installed identical devices throughout their offices, this also meant that staff only had to learn how to use one type of device.

With the ability for Mode to manage the print solutions remotely at our Support Centre, we provided our client with a proactive service. This meant that company employees were alleviated of any management of their solutions, freeing up more of their time to focus on business matters.