Construction Company Struggles with Outdated Fleet

The Company’s Issues

When Mode visited a thriving construction company it became apparent that they were struggling to deal with their existing print set up.

They not only had 2 suppliers for their printing equipment, but both of the contracts carried early termination fees so they were locked into the deal – they did not want to incur financial penalties, but they also couldn’t continue with a solution that was no longer fit for purpose.

The printers themselves were also problematic as they had been chosen based on a much smaller print volume – their requirements completely surpassed what the printers were capable of. Their supplier had not really understood their business’ needs before offering a solution. Their supplier was also slow to react to their needs and service had even been subcontracted to another dealer; they were uninterested in servicing the machines properly.

Bad habits had also crept in as staff were printing in colour even when it was totally unnecessary, which was wasting company money every single day. Colour printing was not required for the majority of their print jobs, but the majority of their printing was in full colour rather than black and white.

Documents were also printed and forgotten at the printer, which caused security issues as some of the documents were confidential and caused further waste since the print jobs were clearly unnecessary.

Due to the age of the fleet, they were slow to warm up and to print large documents which was exceedingly frustrating and time consuming for the users. The additional printers required regular toner refills which were costly and were not covered by the service agreement with the 3rd party.

Their print fleet, agreements, and processes all needed to be totally overhauled to work around the company’s needs.

Mode’s Solution

Our aim is to add value and we will look to assist in getting a company out of a current contract with a supplier; this is what we did with this construction company.

We supplied state of the art machines capable of coping with the current volume the company were using while allowing for a 50% growth in volume. Our flexible agreement allows us to upgrade the machines should they exceed these levels, but the solution has been designed to allow for significant growth before any of the elements need to be changed.

Mode also ensured that each member of staff had codes and default settings to reduce the colour and mono print volumes. We knew that we could reduce their colour volumes by transferring everything to mono – this would reduce the company’s colour print volume by 50%. This was easily achievable for Mode and no disruption occurred to any of the users. Also by having codes, the company could see who was printing what, where and when, making staff more accountable for their costs.

We also introduced a ‘find me’ print solution where print jobs are released using a code or swipe card, meaning that confidential copies were not printed until the user used their card, or input their code when at the machine.