Efficient Document Management for an Insurance Company

Mode Print Solutions work across a range of industries to ensure that their document management and printing processes work as efficiently as possible. While there are differences based on individual company types, contract-heavy industries such as insurance often lose a lot of time and money through document management processes that require a huge amount of input from users. Our automation options save time and money for insurance companies that need to store and scan policies for each client.

The Organisation’s Issues:

The insurance company has hundreds of policy documents that all need to be stored electronically when a policy is taken out, when a change is made, or when a client makes a claim. Occasionally, one policy holder would have documents in numerous folders since they have assets insured on different dates (for example).

In order to maintain this filing system, individual policies had to be scanned into the system one by one. Users had to scan documents into a central folder, and then manually rename and move the document to put it into the correct folder on the system. This process had to be repeated for every individual policy, costing the company one working day per week, per user.

In addition to huge time-loss and inefficient use of resources, this process was also open to human error: misplacing a document could cause customer service issues for numerous accounts.

Mode’s Solution

Our team reviewed this process and focussed on simplifying it and removing the possibility for human errors.

Thanks to our new system, users can now scan all policy documents simultaneously. The software then analyses the document and automatically files each item in the correct folder, ensuring that users can spend time delivering real value for the company and clients.

The process that used to take hours every day now takes a few minutes, thus saving up to 20% of employee hours per week.