Follow Me Printing at an Accountancy Firm

We visited a large City Accountancy firm in London, and they asked us for help with issues they were having in their printing environment. They had concerns regarding security particularly with document and printing.

The Company’s issues

Security was a huge concern for the company. They needed to ensure all data and documents were completely safe. As accountants deal with peoples personal and business financial information, this accountancy firm needed to be sure that all data was secure. This issue was highlighted when such items were left at a photocopier several times. Also, they acknowledged that they did not have enough security around their network and had realised that their printing environment was posing a significant threat by being a weakness and open to hacking.

The cost of running the old photocopying equipment was “spiralling out of control”. The initial agreement did set out an included amount of copies, but this didn’t cover the actual amount needed over the length of the agreement. This resulted in the company incurring unexpected costs for excess prints meaning the initial budget was now wrong.

The company need the ability to control operational costs and set out accurate budgets for the business as well as securely scan and archive documents and data.

There is also a need to have transparency over print volumes and decipher what volume is being produced, by who and if prints or photocopies.

The software that was being used could report on print activity but couldn’t track photocopying. This left the directors with half a story and unable to fully monitor their usage and meant accurate invoices couldn’t be obtained. When working with a budget, this is important.

It has become clear through their current experience that the need for flexibility is very important. This means that, all users are enabled to use and access what equipment they need to, whenever they need to, that the company knows their security is in place and sufficiently covers their needs and that all usage can be tracked.

Mode’s Solution

It was obvious to us, that the Accountancy firm was having significant security concerns, particularly as there seemed to be mislaid copies of confidential information from the printer and appeared to be a lack of security across their network, that could potentially pose a threat to hacking. Mode suggested that we implemented Follow Me Printing to ring off several of these concerns.

A major security benefit with Follow Me Printing means that documents and data are secure as it can encrypt data and demand secure release, meaning only those with the correct privileges have access to the device. Encrypting the data keeps it secure so only authorised personnel can access it and with Follow Me Printing, the data is protected across the network at Government grade level. These abilities deal with the security issues the company were concerned about.

It also means that users can print securely totally independent of where they are geographically. If one device is out of service for some reason, Follow Me Printing allows users to walk to another device and release their print job, thus removing any effect on productivity. Another plus point security wise.

Additionally, the new solution will automate the scanning and storing processes. The bespoke software will extract the data, create folders and store named files automatically making this absolutely secure as does security industry standards compliance data monitoring.

Utilising the Mode Solution so that they can regain control of their costs and volume can be accounted for on a monthly basis. Volumes will be monitored and reviewed on an ongoing basis and improvement would be offered when necessary.

Print and photocopying activity will be tracked using the bespoke Mode Managed Print Suite and once collected, populated into a report enabling accurate reconciliation of invoices. This will also give useful insight into which areas of the business are producing the volume, then using that information to enable better habits.

Benefits in a nutshell!

  • Minimize printed waste
  • Cost benefits
  • Increase user productivity
  • Protect document confidentiality
  • Convenient, secure printing for all users
  • Assistants can print on behalf of managers
  • Departments can maintain productivity if staff are absent
  • Securely share print jobs without I.T.’s assistance
  • Confidential printing on shared devices
  • No rush to the printer to collect confidential printing
  • Removes danger of confidential documents being left at a machine, vulnerable to security risks