Growing Technology Start-Up Seeks Mode’s Help

The Company’s issues

Start-up companies often struggle to obtain a proper office printer infrastructure due to the fact that they often need a small number of printers/limited print software package to begin with but need the capability that should they grow, their print solutions can grow with them.

The technology company we spoke to had discovered just that. While they had grown in the 3 years they had been operating, their print solutions hadn’t as their supplier was not prepared to accommodate them and therefore their current solutions were no longer functioning properly. They were experiencing technical issues due to the increase of volumes they were now trying to produce. Their printers were also only able to print on A4 paper, so employees could not print off items such as detailed spreadsheets in a legible and convenient format. The staff had to scan documents into a central folder, re-name them, and save them into a specific folder. If a staff member had to send a scanned document via an email, they would have to find the document and attach it to an email, then send that to the client. This was time-consuming and involved unnecessary processes that wasted company time and caused frustration.

Mode’s Solution

Mode loves to help a start-up, as our owner once was one! We know that needs in a business evolve over time, and being a good provider means offering the flexibility for that evolution to happen.

We installed brand new machines that have won industry awards and have the capability to produce what they needed now, but also allowed the company to grow. Finally, the accounts team could print detailed and legible spreadsheets. Mode also implemented a scan-to-email feature so that invoices could be scanned and emailed to clients straight away. We also ensured the equipment was so fast that they could print 40 sheets in 90 seconds – no more wasting time by the printer!

Once we equipped the company with products that could not only fulfil their needs, but that of a growing company as well, we also wanted to support them further in that growth. So they now know, should they need to change anything in their managed print suite to support them further in that growth, we will happily change anything in their deal with us so they are not constrained by anything to progress their business further.