Leased Printers for a Finance Start-Up in the City of London

The Company’s Issues

Our client is a brand new start-up so they had trouble getting finance for even a single printer. They tried a number of suppliers around London but nobody was willing to work with them on a leased agreement.

As with any start up, they were hoping to gain traction and expand quickly and needed a supplier who was flexible and could support their requirements as and when they grew. Unfortunately, a lot of print suppliers have older and much more traditional business structures where clients make an agreement and are penalised for making changes to it before the contract is completed. Start-ups need suppliers who understand their marketplace and how quickly a business can develop in London.

Mode’s Solution

We offer our own unique solution called Simple. That means we don’t need to clear a new agreement with a leasing company before we make an agreement with our clients. We offered to supply a desktop printer to the company with finance for the first year.

Within that year, the company grew from just a single user, to 6, which meant that they needed an upgrade to meet their growing usage requirements. Since our contract is so flexible, we’ve been able to change our agreement based on our client’s needs and will continue to do so as the company keeps growing.

Services for Start-Ups

Flexible contracts are a huge challenge for start-ups; everybody involved needs to consider the best case scenario (which would involve a lot of changes happening quite quickly) as well as slower growth to ensure that every eventuality is covered by the contract and overall agreement. At Mode, we have the flexibility to provide everything that starts ups need both at their foundation and after expansion.