Managed Print for a Charity in London

The Company’s Issues

Our client, Julie’s Bicycle, was a charity with staff working from two different sites. Both sites had a number of printers and multi-functional devices from different brands.

Their main concern was the environmental impact – as a charity that’s primarily involved with environmental concerns, it was essential that their office, processes, and equipment were as eco-friendly as possible. The charity had their own sustainability targets, which were presented during the meeting so that we knew exactly what they were aiming for and what sort of changes they wanted to make.

Mode’s Solution

Mode’s Managed Print Suite allowed the client to audit each user’s printing and copying usage. It also let the administrator implement rules and ensure that each user was following the charity’s printing policies.

Their policies included printing emails in mono and duplex and setting maximum colour print figures per user so that they would think about their toner usage. These policies were translated into default rules on each device so that compliance was effortless. However, rather than rigid rules, there are pop ups that remind users of the financial costs and the best practices. This improves user habits and reduces waste, without severely limiting what they can do on the system.

The reporting tool automatically generates reports and emails them to each department head to show them exactly what each user is doing on the system. It also generates a quarterly report for the Finance Director.