Managed Print Solutions for a Professional Dance Agency

Mode enjoys working with all types and sizes of industries. We were delighted when we were invited to assist an agency for professional dancers with their printing needs.

The Company’s Issue

Our client was really struggling with their equipment. They didn’t have a managed print solution and only possessed a domestic cheap A4 machine which was insufficient for their needs.

The agency was paying extortionate amounts on new toner frequently and they desperately needed printers for business that fit their purpose. The warranty on their current machine ran out, leaving them without means for repair unless they paid high service costs. A printer in another office had already been replaced twice! The company was in substantial need of a better solution.

Mode’s Solution

At Mode Print Solutions, our sales team works with customers to completely understanding their requirements. With these clients, we recognised immediately that they needed a comprehensive managed print solution.

Mode not only ensured that our clients had the correct equipment for their business purposes, we initiated automatic toner alerts direct to us so that we were able to monitor toner levels and ensure that they were never left with a machine that couldn’t print!

The new printer was guaranteed a warranty for the duration of their agreement so they never had to worry about extortionate repair costs and were ensured (as is the case for all our customers), a full service agreement with a 2-hour maximum call out.

When we first met the dance agency, they had two printers for eight people. We knew that that was unnecessary and reduced their equipment to one printer.  This was the right solution for their purposes- there was no need for them to have two machines. The printer we supplied had multifunctional capability that was able to fulfil all of their business requirements.

We also discovered that we were already the print supplier for one of their dance partner companies who were able to provide an excellent reference for our services. Both agencies could now validate that at Mode, we always fulfil our promise to deliver the highest level of service.