Mode supports a luxury food brand achieve their goals

When given the opportunity to discuss a luxury food brand’s printing needs, Mode was intrigued as to what problems they were experiencing and how we could help.

The Company’s issues

With other 400 years of history in the Food industry, this luxury food Company’s brand proposition was obviously exceedingly important to them. However, their printing needs were not being met by their supplier and they were experiencing several issues which was having an impact on their brand proposition.

When printing block colours, streaks were appearing throughout the design and it was getting to the stage where they were going to have to outsource their printing at considerable cost.

Also, the design team were often printing presentations of multiple pages and colours and the image quality was deteriorating through the print run, making each presentation different. This was not acceptable as these were used for multiple team members.

Their current equipment had to be used to print images of the products sold in their store and the colours printed never matched the true colour of the label and the team were having to change the settings in Photoshop to achieve as close to the colour as possible.

The team often also used different stocks of paper for different work and were having to constantly change the paper tray when they needed to do this. There was often a lot of disruption in the office when this was being done as others had to not print whilst the design team were using different stock of paper.

Their current supplier never ensured that they had toner in stock which meant when toner stock was running low, the colour quality of print outs often deteriorated until somebody ordered more toner which took 24 hours for delivery meaning they had to live with poor quality print outs for that day.

Colour printing volumes were also high, and the brand did not realise this until we’d ran a check on their colour print outs. This came as a shock to the team and they realised that there were no restrictions as to who could print colour or any control on printing at all.

As they often printed confidential material, there were many times that these were left at the printer until the staff member picked it up, leaving others being able to view potential sensitive documents.

Mode’s solution

We installed a new print solution with LED technology which is a vast improvement from the traditional laser technology. This would mean that the block colours the team printed, would now be consistent in colour quality without the lines! This would reduce the teams’ time considerably and costs to outsource the printing.

Along with the LED technology on their print solutions, comes the “Colour-by-word” facility which is a light colour manipulation tool. If colours don’t come out true to the colour or the design team require them to be altered, they will be able to manipulate the colour without having to go back to their deigns application. Colour can be set and collaborated to ensure exact colours each print.

When the machine was installed, our Service Engineer configured the print device so that it had 4 universal trays and they ensured that the trays were configured to print on thicker/high grade paper so that the design team didn’t have to disrupt other users when printing on different paper stocks. The machine chosen for them had the capacity to print on all different stocks of paper, allowing all teams in the business to print on the paper they required regardless of stock or size, allowing the flexibility the team required.

We also installed the capacity for the brand to monitor usage and implement rules to printing allowing the brand to have a greater understanding of their printing costs and be able to monitor that and the “Follow me printing” system installed meant that print jobs were held at server level until the authorised author of the print job was at the machine and had entered a secure code, ensuring confidential information was secure.

Mode also ensured that we provided the company with regular maintenance checks to minimise any unnecessary delays to print solutions being down and monitored the machines toner levels which meant that the team did not have to worry about ordering supplies as Mode would automatically facilitate this need.

If you have high quality printing requirements and your equipment provider is letting you down, then why not contact Mode today to find out how we could help improve your workflow processes.