Mode supports a thriving community charity expand because of a shared environmental vision

The Charity’s issue

Mode was invited to review the print solutions of a community charitable social enterprise who delivers and helps other organisations to deliver community services which are value for money and create lasting benefits. This approach allows the community to lead and determine its own future.

Their core objectives were to be as environmentally friendly as possible and with a daily energy target and to be GDPR complaint whilst being mindful of costs. However, as the charity expanded there was a need to ensure that the employees could copy and scan multiple documents and as one of the offices was to be used as a “hot desk”. It was essential that the printing facilities were modernised.

Currently however, there was no tracking on usage of print and documents were being printed straight away often leading to waste as many documents were not claimed. Also, their traditional print lease did not offer any flexibility and support the charity with their expansion. The current equipment often jammed as it was older and not maintained properly by their service provider and if the hot desks were to work effectively, there would be a need to charge back any printing costs, which at that point they could not do.

Mode’s Solution

Mode recognised immediately that the Charity would benefit from the Manged print suite where rule-based printing would allow the designated admin to implement hard rules about printing documents, for example printing double sided and mono. The volume of unclaimed printouts would be reduced by ensuring that the author of the document would have to release the printing at the device and they would be able to implement more advanced reminders such as pop-ups, asking them “Do you need to print this in colour?” or “Can you print double-sided?” to remind the user of the impact on the environment.

New software would track usage from all users including the tenants on the hot desks, meaning that they could monitor the costs and charge back to their tenants.

Also, Mode’s Simple product meant that the charity only ever dealt with Mode for all their equipment, materials, financing and servicing, allowing them the flexibility to expand and make any changes necessary to their agreement with us.

The trust has a duty of safeguarding all members and staff details so the new software and policies would ensure this.

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