Mode’s Work to Provide Managed Print Solutions to Charities Continues

The Company’s Issues

Mode always enjoys working with charities to stream line print solutions as a way of improving efficiency for the important work that they do. So, it was with no exception that we were delighted to have the opportunity to work with a charity that focuses on reforming humanitarian law.

The advice team within this charity receives around 7,000 queries a year. When queries cannot be dealt with over the phone, the team have to print information so that it can be sent to the recipient via the post. In addition, there is a yearly competition that involves considerable communications with over 2,000 entrants; a lot of printing is required.

However, the charity’s current solutions have broken down a lot which means the team have not been able to respond to queries. Unfortunately, this causes a back log and lots of unnecessary delays and the team have not been able to find new solutions from other supplies that adequately match their needs. The engineer they use doesn’t always have the right parts, which causes further delays. The equipment they have is completely dissatisfactory.

Mode’s Solution

Mode offered our unique product, Simple, which allowed the charity to obtain the equipment they needed without any up-front purchasing costs. As with all our clients, we offered them regular preventative maintenance to prevent emergencies. However, we also guarantee an average call out time of 1.5 hours and a first time fix rate of 96%. This means that down time is kept to an absolute minimum.

We ensured that Mode could remotely monitor their devices from our support centre, ensuring they benefited from the proactive service that we offer all our clients. This meant that not only did the charity have a drastic reduction in the downtime they had previously been experiencing, but that their need to maintain the equipment themselves was eliminated. Mode ensures that toners are monitored and sent when the machine’s toner levels start to diminish.

As for the quality of the equipment, we ensured that they had a device that could cope with the high volumes of paper they needed to print. By eliminating all unnecessary hassle for our clients, we build long-lasting relationships. By working with Mode, you are partnering with a company that supports your business and allows you to focus on driving your business forward.