Office Printers for a Design Company in Farringdon

The Company’s Issue

Excellent print quality is essential for design firms, so they need equipment that can output a lot of high quality work without affecting speed, quality, or consistency. Our client was dealing with a huge supplier and needed to make numerous calls whenever they had a problem – unfortunately, every call went to a different operator. That meant each call took far longer than necessary and nobody in the company owned the issue, so issues were resolved at an incredibly slow pace.. Delays here meant that they couldn’t deliver work on time to their own clients.

Mode’s Solution

Our company was founded as a response to the terrible customer service across the print industry. That’s why every time you call us, we’ll make sure that you talk to the same person. We took the time to get to know our client and understand their business needs – using that information, we were able to offer a range of different options from market leaders Xerox, Ricoh, and Toshiba to build the perfect system to support their needs.

As part of our selling process, we took the design company to each showroom to show them print samples on various paper stocks so that they could see exactly what each option delivered. That meant they made an informed decision that perfectly suited their business, products, and client requirements rather than information on a sales brochure.

That hands on approach means that they can now offer their clients even more without worrying about past problems with their machines. If there is an issue, we can send engineers out to them right away so that there’s no impact on their own delivery to clients.