Office Printers for a Tech SME in London

The Company’s Issues

Our client, a small software supplier, expanded and added desktop printers and photocopiers as they needed them. As they expanded to multiple offices across London, they simply bought additional machines through different suppliers which led to issues with consumables and maintenance.

They also wasted thousands of pages in uncollected prints every week, so they lost even more money on unnecessary print jobs. They needed to streamline their processes – both when it came to individual print jobs and when it came to managing their entire print system.

When they contacted us, they had just relocated to a new office building to accommodate the 200 staff working there. They wanted to print more securely now that they had an open plan office to themselves and wanted to cut down on the time needed to administer the network and buy toner.

Mode’s Solution

Our team recommended two Xerox multifunctional devices with Papercut print management software. The software included two proximity swipe card readers that link to the existing doors so that users don’t have to carry additional cards and the business can reduce print waste since users need to release jobs when they’re ready to collect them.

The solution offered excellent print quality, robust security, and a consistent approach to print across all the company’s departments.

Measurable Print Improvements

We ran a report after the new system had been live for a month and found that the print volume had been reduced by 15%. Our client also benefited from time and cost savings as they only needed to arrange services or buy consumables for a single machine type, rather than several different machines from different suppliers.