Print Management Software for a Law Firm

The legal sector presents a number of challenges. The need for frequent printing of long documents, many of which may be sensitive and confidential, requires a bespoke solution.

The Organisation’s Issues:

Our client was using outdated technology and had very little control over their printing processes. That created a number of problems for them, including high wastage and no accountability. These problems were exacerbated by the poor service from their previous supplier.

Their printing system and processes just didn’t match their requirements. The devices were expensive and there were too many of them. The lack of set rules also meant that staff were printing emails and other internal documents in colour, leading to a lot of unnecessary toner orders. Most of the machines also had a low work rate, and since the print wasn’t centralised it created delays on print jobs.

Mode’s Solution

We began work by conducting a print audit to find out what our client was printing and when. Based on the results of that audit, we were able to offer a print management solution to improve their processes and meet their specific requirements.

During this process, we also worked with their staff to create rules regarding printing. These set out basic guidelines for staff to cut down on colour copies and to print emails in mono to reduce their spend on consumables.

We further improved their systems by offering more secure printing, including secure accounts and authentication procedures to release particularly sensitive print jobs. The complete solution now provides our client  with security, control and flexibility.

The Results

Our solution has helped the client to reduce wastage and save money by streamlining their printing processes. Administrative staff now have a simple breakdown of who is responsible for each print job, and print jobs are delivered faster thanks to the new, efficient printers.

Our system included an initiated remote manager connected to Mode, so that toner can be ordered remotely without the client’s involvement. This end-to-end solution ensures that their print jobs are consistent, efficient and delivered to the high standards that our clients expect.