Quality and Budget are the Focus!

The Company’s Issues

When an events company approached Mode to discuss their print solution needs, it became evident that the need for quality print was top of their agenda!

Their current supplier had been unable to offer them equipment that can produce the desired quality and, as a result, this had led to a level of outsourcing for many print needs. This also meant that spend was rocketing! The potential for mistakes in budgeting was increasing and inevitably affecting profits.

What’s more, various printers were accessible by all staff at both of their office locations which often resulted in print jobs being accidently sent to the wrong printer in the wrong building. This meant that they had to be reprinted at the correct site, leading to copious amounts of unclaimed paperwork and lots of waste!

As a result, the company had no understanding of the precise cost of print in their business unless it was billed directly by the external print house. Consumables were purchased randomly, with no organisation or consideration of cost. The company quickly realised that printing externally was a false economy.

Mode’s Solution

In order to solve the issues of waste, quality and expenditure within this business, Mode supplied them with high quality printers in both of their premises. As a result, excellent, high speed printing can be performed in-house. The printers include our unique software which allow for all spend on print to be accurately accounted for.

Furthermore, no print jobs are released until the user is at the machine and releases the print with either an authorisation card or code. This means there is no limited amount of accidental waste, as only what is required and released is actually printed and at the right location. Consequently, costs are cut.

The new agreement with Mode has ensured absolute transparency of cost, and not only that, they we were able to implement the latest technology for their print needs to ensure the highest quality is met.