Quality Printing for a Media/Marketing Company

Our range of printers and multi-functional devices (MFDs) includes high-quality machines suitable for printing and finishing elaborate marketing materials. Our focus on quality and our wide range of suppliers means that we can deliver excellent solutions for companies that create a lot of print-based products or even offer services that require larger-format or more elaborate print jobs.

The Organisation’s Issues:

The marketing company’s printers were not suitable for colour matching; the technology was outdated and colours on printed materials would not match pantones, making it difficult to present work to clients. Print quality was also poor, so printed photographs often appeared grainy.

The client had tried to upgrade their system with their previous supplier, but as the supplier was tied to a single brand, they were unable to provide the necessary stock to meet the company’s requirements.

Mode’s Solution

The client needed a robust option that would deliver print results that really showed the quality of their work and imagery. We offered them a number of options to choose a range of high-end, special colour printers that could cope with their print volumes and presentation requirements.

Their chosen printers have Fiery RIP processors to improve the efficiency and predictability in colour and output.  Their printers now provide visibly smoother edges within images and fine-type at 1200dpi and above. The printers also recognise colour printing and overprinting elements from composite files and properly render colours in every job, so that they can show the client exactly what the end product will look like.

Our solution doesn’t just deliver quality – it delivers it quickly. The company is busy and growing, and needs to be able to print multiple presentations quickly to meet the needs of their customers. Our system included a range of high-quality and standard printers so that staff could select the right machine for their print job to avoid delaying high-quality jobs with simple document printouts.

Overall, our solution has helped them to win more business, thanks to impressive presentation materials, and ensures that their prints can genuinely do justice to their ideas and designs.