SIMPLE Leased Print Agreement for a Financial Services Company

The Company’s Issues

Like many companies, our client already had a print leasing agreement with another company – it was a huge financial obligation and they were only 2 years into the 5 year contract.

Although they were making their payments, they weren’t getting the service that they expected and the equipment was constantly letting them down. The continuous  break downs were having an impact on their business and communication with their existing supplier had also broken down.

As their business had grown in the last few years, they wanted a new system and a new supplier who could support their needs.  However they felt stuck with the equipment they had in place and saw little option other than to see the remainder of the agreement through.

Mode’s Solution

Once Mode had assessed the customers’ requirements we were able to suggest a solution that resolved their day to day issues.  This proposal included settling their existing obligations with the existing supplier whilst  providing a solution that was financially competitive with their previous costs.

Terminating the Print Finance Agreement

Once the client agreed to our proposal, Mode took on all of the liabilities from the previous supplier and settled the old contracts as agreed. The seamless transition meant that the client did not have to communicate further with the old company or pay a termination charge to begin their new contract with us.

We installed their new equipment  according to each team’s requirements – since some of the teams handled sensitive information, we ensured that there were security measures in place. In some instances, this was as simple as keeping the printer in  a department’s office , while in others we installed security systems that required authentication to release print jobs.

The client has a print solution that fits their needs now and will continue to support them as the company grows further.