SIMPLE Print Financing for a School

Schools are incredibly print-heavy environments, with reports, letters and class worksheets being printed on a regular basis. However, most schools have stringent budgets so it is important to reduce spend in every area possible.

The Organisation’s Issues:

The school owned an ageing fleet of desktop printers and multifunctional devices (MFDs). As they owned all of the machines, all service costs had to be paid for. The equipment was acquired as needed, and purchases were based on pricing at the time, so printers used different consumables, making the administration and order processes unnecessarily time-consuming.

The school wanted to update their machines, but were concerned about the cost of buying an entire new system.

Mode’s Solution

We provided an end-to-end service through our SIMPLE solution. Our proposal included installing new equipment at no extra cost, and all machines were selected to work within their budgets.

The school now has only one contact to call about financing their printers, invoice queries, ordering consumables, or discussing service. As the new system was leased rather than purchased, they do not have to worry about a high initial outlay, ongoing services, or even replacing the printers if an update is needed. At that time, Mode will deal with disposal of old machines as necessary and will work with the existing machines to add to the new fully-managed system.