Finance Options

Owning your own print solutions and having to manage the servicing and supplies can not only be costly, but also time consuming for your business. However, what if you lease your equipment?

Leasing print solutions can become very complicated for your business:

  • You sign a deal with a supplier, only to discover that the financing is dealt with by a third party.
  • Your supplier of solutions has their finance settled and no longer deals with you.
  • The Print Solutions company you dealt with is no longer incentivised to provide you with the service you deserve for your equipment, causing frustrations, and delays in your up-time.

This is why Mode developed SIMPLE

’Simple’ is Mode’s unique product to provide document solutions and service to our clients. ‘Simple’ provides our clients a genuine third way to access the solution they need. It doesn’t require any large upfront payments and doesn’t involve leasing companies, instead clients deal directly and exclusively with Mode.

Simple provides our clients with these valued benefits:


Single agreement with a single point of contact.

  • All hardware, software and services are provided by Mode
  • No involvement from third parties


Our award-winning service provides you with Peace of Mind.

  • Remote monitoring from our support centre providing a proactive service.
  • Average response time of 86 minutes in 2019
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance to reduce emergency call-outs
  • Ability to review your agreement & make variations should your requirements change.


Mode is an independent multi-brand supplier.

  • This enables us to recommend the best solution to fit your individual business requirements.


Our managed print solutions offer you the client the ability to track and control your printing and manage your print activities.

  • Reports can be included to detail who has printed what and where.
  • Rules based printing prevents waste and reduces volume.