Our Environment

We recognise the dangers of climate change, so central to all we do, is our corporate responsibility to contribute to reduce our industry’s carbon footprint. We carefully select manufacturers and partners that share our values, and we promote good working practises to reduce and minimise the effects of pollution at every point in our supply chain.

Environmentally-minded suppliers

  • Work with manufacturers who have clear environmental policies
  • Our clients are confident that our print solutions are responsibility manufactured and recycled at end of life.
  • All our partners operate carbon off-set or reduction schemes

Mode is Carbon Zero

  • We monitor and measure our carbon footprint to reduce our impact on the environment
  • Working with an independent organisation, we calculate, reduce and off-set our residual carbon emissions to become CARBONZERO
  • Mode invests in Carbon reduction projects in the UK and developing world to off-set our carbon emissions
  • Read our blog to understand the schemes our contributions help

Toner recycling

Every business has an obligation under section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Article 4 of the EU Framework Directive to recycle their consumables responsibly. This includes Toner cartridges. Every year, millions are thrown away, and as these take a long time to decompose, this has a negative impact on our environment. Mode encourages all our clients to participate in our toner recycling scheme following this process:

  • When you are ready to recycle your toners contact our Client Support team on clientsupport@modesolutions.com, or call 0345 223 2203 to speak to the team, or via Live Chat on our website.
  • On contact, our team will either issue you with a label for free postage, or depending on your volumes, issue you with a recycling box with details on where to send them.
  • All you need to do is, send off for recycling-Simple!

Mode office green promise

We are always committed to our internal green processes to aid conservation of natural resources and reduce energy usage:

  • Energy-efficient lighting, heating and air-conditioning in Mode’s office
  • Internal recycling policy for all employees for paper, plastics, cardboard, aluminium, and the careful separation of waste from decommissioned devices.
  • Safe disposal of devices to ensure carbon off-set or reduction

If you’d like to know more about our environmental policy, then do contact us.