Why Choose Mode?

From its very beginning, Mode’s focus has been to deliver the highest possible service to our clients. We have built a team that share the core values of delivering this and working with our clients to ensure their businesses run smoothly. We are about our people acting with integrity and delivering the best support based on our 4 principles:


Our unique product Simple, enables your business to get the solutions you need:

  • No involvement of banks, leasing companies or hefty up-front commitments.
  • All equipment-hardware, Software and Services are provided by Mode directly: One payment, no 3rd parties
  • One Single agreement: one point of contact
  • Flexibility: Should you need to change anything; our SIMPLE variation enables us to review your equipment and support you with any upgrades or increase your equipment should you need to.

Peace of Mind

You only ever notice when something doesn’t work. Mode’s preventative maintenance provides absolute peace of mind and allows you to focus on your business. Our Engineers respond and resolve any issues exceedingly quickly and this is reflected in our amazing response times.

Our managed solutions provide you:

  • Optional remote management of devices enabling Mode to proactively respond to issues
  • Monitored supplies so we can ensure that you are never without anything your equipment needs
  • Market leading response times


Being independent means we can recommend the ideal combination of hardware and software for your business requirements.


Our Print Management solutions improve efficiency and increase security:

  • All products are secure and accountable
  • You can manage your print activities
  • Track the usage so your business understands who prints what, when and where, in your printing environment.
  • Create rules-based printing to increase your understanding of your print environment, create cost benefits, create accountability in your teams


Leasing through banks, or owning your own equipment’s are no longer the only options-Mode offers you the Third way to obtain the equipment your business needs. No third parties, no banks, no Finance companies, only Mode.