The Pros and Cons of 3D Printing

3D printing holds many promises for the future! It has come a very long way since its initial invention and continues to grow and develop. The medical sector, for instance, has benefitted from the creation of 3D printed organs which have helped save countless lives. Other industries are using 3D printing simply to speed up certain tasks and make office life easier. However, despite the innumerable number of advantages, this modern technology is not without its fair share of disadvantages. So, if you are thinking about using a 3D printer, we recommend making yourself aware of both the pros and cons.

The Pros

  • Fast Production. Using 3D printing, products can quickly advance from design to prototype. Manufacture of the actual product is also speedy.
  • Decreasing Costs. Although initial set-up may be higher, the price of this technology is decreasing in third world countries day by day.
  • Enhanced Healthcare. As previously mentioned, one of the biggest advantages of 3D printing is its effectiveness in the medical sector. By 3D printing important organs like the heart, many people’s lives will be saved.

The Cons

  • Copyright Issues: As 3D printing becomes increasingly more popular, it is easier to build and misuse counterfeit items. It will be very difficult to determine the difference between a real and a fake.
  • Dangerous Items: In addition to creating extremely helpful products, such as human body parts, 3D printing can also be misused to create dangerous items like knives or guns.
  • Size Restrictions: At the moment, 3D printers are limited to only creating small sized items. However, in the future it may become possible to print buildings with ease.
  • Reduced Manufacturing Jobs: Many economies, such as those in third world countries, rely on low skill jobs. Unfortunately, 3D printing will reduce the amount of manufacturing jobs, as people will start making products in their own home.

By understanding the disadvantages of 3D printing and working towards overcoming them, it will become possible for mankind to enter into a new post-industrial manufacturing era where products are built at speed for a considerably lower price.

3 Benefits of Scanning in the Office

Scanning your paper documents allows you to convert them into easily accessible and convenient digital files, which is ideal for office environments. You can share electronic documents with your colleagues at the click of a button and protect them from things like misplacement or theft.

The simple process involves passing a paper document through high quality scanning equipment, which converts it into image form. It is then saved to a PC in the desired location with an appropriate file name. If you’re still not convinced that scanning is the way forward, we have put together three of the greatest benefits of scanning your documents.

  1. Save Time and Space

No-one likes a cluttered desk and filing cabinets take up unnecessary space which could be used for something more productive. If you organise your documents electronically, there will be no need to worry about where you’re going to store them. The data that you can store on one lone DVD can replace nearly thirty filing cabinets. It will also be much quicker retrieving files on a computer than searching through hundreds of sheets of paper.

  1. Access Anywhere at Anytime

By saving a scanned version of a document to your laptop or other portable device, you will be able to access it even if you are not in the office. This, in turn, means you have less to carry around if you happen to be out for a meeting or working remotely.

  1. Increases Security

Data security is often a big deal for businesses and having a cabinet full of important documents is fairly risky. It’s easy for things to go missing or find their way into the wrong hands. When documents are stored digitally, passwords can be set to eliminate any security issues and there is no way for them to be misplaced.

How Can Online Retailers Use Print to Market their Brand?

As an online retailer, with no physical store presence, it’s often more challenging to get noticed and stay in the front of peoples’ minds. We would suggest sticking to the more traditional and typically reliable medium of print when delivering orders or attending networking events. Here are some of the ways you can do so;

Create Business Cards

Handing a potential customer one of your business cards creates a personal and physical connection that is normally lacking in the digital world. Next time you attend a networking event, remember to take your business cards along with your name, address and other important contact information so that it will be difficult for people to forget you.

Brand Your Packaging

You can’t expect people to notice your brand if your deliveries are sent in a plain parcel. Print your logo on a sticker or address label and add it to the packaging. In doing so, you will not only look professional but prospective customers will think about your brand when they see your parcels.

Send Leaflets

Try and persuade people to talk about your brand by sending leaflets out with customers’ orders, so that they can pass them on to friends and family. Perhaps add a code giving potential customers a discount to encourage them to buy with you.

Send Compliment Slips

Showing your customers a little appreciation will go a long way. Send them a personal thank you note with their delivery so that they know you are grateful for their service.

Offer Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are a simple yet effective way to ensure your customers return to your business for their next order. Simply print some off with your branding and send them with deliveries. People often carry their loyalty cards around in their wallet or purse, so you might get some free advertising as well as repeat customers.

Why You Should Recycle Your Toner Cartridges

At the moment, the recycling of glass, paper and plastic is a fairly common practice across the UK but when your printer runs out of ink, you may not give a second’s thought to throwing away the cartridge. Perhaps you might think twice if you knew that the toner cartridges you don’t recycle will take around one thousand years to decompose in your local landfill? This equates to 12.5 times the average human lifespan.

Believe it or not, toner is actually a dangerous waste if it ends up on a landfill and is very bad for the environment. The cartridges are composed of a complex mixture of materials, including plastics, metals, ink, foam and toner. Over six pints of oil are used in the manufacture of each new laser cartridge and three ounces are used in the manufacture of inkjet cartridges. This is a significant waste of a natural resource.

By throwing cartridges away rather than recycling them, you are contributing to the rising problem of electronic waste which harms animals and their habitats, contaminates water and poisons surrounding soils.

Recycling printer cartridges is not only much better for the environment (since they can be refilled an average of 5-7 times) but also beneficial to you, since remanufactured cartridges cost as little as 10% of the original cost, despite being exactly the same quality.

Below are some more great reasons to recycle your toner cartridges:

  • It saves energy
  • It protects our natural resources such as oil, timber and minerals
  • It decreases air and water pollution
  • It reduces greenhouse gas emissions which influence global climate change

If your business is keen to promote an environmentally friendly office, it is extremely important that you incorporate the recycling of toner cartridges into your own policies to help sustain the environment for generations to come.

Mode has a very clear policy on toner recycling for our clients. To find out more visit or email

4 Advantages of an All in One Printer

You probably don’t realise how much your business relies on its printer. Typically, the most ideal choice in printer for an office is a multifunctional model that offers various capabilities such as printing, scanning, photocopying and faxing.

By grasping an understanding of the benefits of owning this type of printer, you will be able to make an informed decision when upgrading your equipment. Below are four advantages to an all in one printer.

  1. Limits Waste

With an all-in-one system, you reduce your carbon footprint by having less disposables and recyclables (i.e. ink cartridges). Buying only one type of toner for one brand of equipment will also reduce your overall costs.

  1. Saves Space

Many small companies do not have the required space for several bulky pieces of equipment, each dedicated to a different task. Having one multifunctional device (MFD) will save a substantial amount of space, which is ideal for home offices where space is often limited. This will free up some room for other necessary equipment or furniture.

  1. Saves Money

Buying one machine is significantly more affordable than buying three or four individual machines. It is also cheaper to power, maintain and clean only one piece of equipment, so you will most definitely notice considerable savings.

  1. Saves Time

An all-in-one system conveniently removes the need to walk from one device to another; you can get all your jobs done at one device. If you have space for more than one multifunction printer, your staff members won’t have to waste time queuing, like they would if you only had one of each device. An all-in-one system will also decrease your maintenance time so that you can focus on more important business tasks.

All-in-one printers have certainly improved in quality in recent years, offering several important benefits. But before purchasing a new printer, the best thing to do is to assess your requirements and discover what’s the best option for you and your business.

How to Use Your Printer Effectively to Reduce Your Office’s Carbon Footprint

There are plenty of simple ways to make your office more environmentally friendly without spending a fortune on state-of-the-art technology or affecting business practices. An ideal place to start is by measuring the carbon footprint to determine what areas you can improve.

By reducing your office’s carbon footprint, you will detect some immediate benefits. Most noticeably, tougher management of office equipment will result in obvious cost savings, without affecting the performance of the business. Below are some easy yet effective ways to change the printing habits in your office, consequently improving the carbon footprint.

Combine Your Equipment

Rather than having individual machines for printing, scanning, faxing and photocopying, you should upgrade to a multifunction printer that can carry out all of these tasks in one. As well as reducing your carbon footprint and using less energy, you will also free up some space for other equipment or furniture.

Printing Rules

An easy way to reduce the carbon footprint within an office environment is to instigate some printing rules that the entire workforce must follow. For example, employees should be limited to what they can and can’t print. You could even incorporate pop-up warnings to alert users of the printing rules and the impact their printing is having on the environment. However, in order for your new rules to work, all members of staff must abide to them, including the managers and executives.

Follow Me Printing

Follow me printing is a great way to limit the number of abandoned print jobs that are often thrown away. The simple process starts with the user activating the print job as usual from their workstation. Rather than printing immediately, the print job must be executed using a method of authentication once the user reaches the printer. This could be an ID badge, for example.

Provide Digital Copies

By printing hardcopies of everything, you are often wasting ink, paper and energy. A lot of the time the document only gets thrown on top of a pile of paperwork anyway. Instead, you should scan your documents so that they become digital copies and aim to distribute them via email wherever possible. Scanning documents is a great way to limit your paper use, which will reduce your carbon footprint and your overall costs.

Do I Need to Upgrade My Printer?

When starting up a company, it’s easy for entrepreneurs to forget that every once in a while the office will need a spring clean and equipment will need to be upgraded and replaced. You may not always see the benefit in upgrading your printer, particularly if you don’t use it very often, however, just like computers, printers do age and their performance may gradually diminish over time.  Here are some indicators that the time has come for you to upgrade your printer:

Problems with Performance

If your print jobs are taking what feels like an eternity to process, your prints aren’t matching the screen or you’re experiencing recurrent paper jams, then it’s most certainly time for an upgrade.  Although each of these issues may have an underlying cause that you can easily fix, persistent problems with performance suggest your printer is getting old or hasn’t been properly cared for and it will have to be replaced. Mode have recognised this in many new customers who have been regularly let down by their current supplier.

You’ve Hired More Staff

As your business grows so does your workforce and the more people using your printer, the more wear and tear it will experience. There are models available that include special features which are designed to enhance your productivity.

No Multifunction or Wireless Connectivity

The majority of printers manufactured over the past 5-10 years are multifunction, meaning the one device can print, scan, fax and photocopy. They also tend to have a wireless connectivity feature, which allows people to connect their smartphones, tablets and laptops without plugging it in. The popularity of these types of printers has caused the price to drop so that they are more affordable for the average person. If your printer doesn’t have multifunction or wireless connectivity, you should consider upgrading.

So, even if you’re printer isn’t very old, you may have an out-dated model that lacks the must-have features of its modern counterparts. By improving the printing experience in your office, you can expect a more optimised workspace with enhanced performance that supports the growth of your business.

Mode Print Solutions Hosts Star-Studded Sales Awards Dinner for a Second Year Running

Hertfordshire and London – Mode Print Solutions, a leading supplier of digital print solutions, has hosted its prestigious Sales Awards Dinner on 3rd February 2017.

The star-studded event took place at Tewinbury Farm, Hertfordshire and brought together longstanding staff members, suppliers and key industry figures for a celebration and ceremony recognising employee talent.

Dinner was served to guests by a David Brent lookalike, whilst after-dinner entertainment came from a Marilyn Monroe lookalike and Latino dancers who taught attendees smooth moves on the dancefloor.

Among the array of awards up for grabs were Manager of the Year, Mode Top Sales Executive, Mode Academy Graduate, along with recognition awards for staff who have worked with the company for 10 and 20 years respectively.

The event was also attended by representatives from Blue Cross, Together for Short Lives and Marie Curie. Mode Print Solutions has a longstanding partnership with these charities and gives its new customers the choice of which organisation to support whenever a new deal is signed. Over £15,000 was donated throughout the night.

Rob Clarke, managing director of Mode Print Solutions comments:

“Once again we’re thrilled to have hosted such a major event in recognition of the hard work, dedication and commitment of our staff. Our company has grown rapidly through harnessing the talents and skills of staff and this awards dinner allowed us to celebrate these achievements.”

David Davis, chairman and founder of Mode Print Solutions adds:

“Mode was founded as a people-centric business, designed to offer exciting opportunities to our employees and world class services to our customers. That’s why we’re thrilled to have come together to recognise our people and their contribution to the company as we enter our 21st year.”

Mode Print Solutions Have Fun with Guns at Team Event

It’s not often at Mode that we can say we are shooting moving targets! However, when it was time to discuss what we should do for our team day we knew we wanted to mix in some pure 80’s music and push the boundaries by trying our hand at Clay pigeon shooting!

We all boarded the Mode mini bus recently and headed to Hampshire!

mode team shooting

Whilst we enjoyed a delicious team meal together we waited with anticipation for the 80’s band to begin so that we could enjoy dancing and boy did we dance!

As a fast moving business, it’s great to just stop and connect with our engineers and other team members who are always in the field and are not office-based because of the high level of service we offer our customers.

So on Saturday it was a very tired and achy Mode team that after a full English breakfast, headed off to try out Clay Pigeon shooting.

After some instruction, one being to definitely not get the urge to shoot each other, we all headed to the range to try and shoot some moving clays!

What struck us was how excellent we all were-however we must confess, the instructors were brilliant teachers. From our Owner and our MD right through to our recent new members in Client Support and our new IT Support Engineer, we all proved ourselves to be quite the marks people! Although we do have to add that perhaps one service engineer should stick to the day job, but we’ll keep who that was a secret!

Shooting in teams with people we may not necessarily talk to on a day to day basis or work with directly, meant that we were able to get to know each more, particularly the new team members and relax and have fun!

What is important to us though is spending some time together away from the day job, where our focus is of course our clients. However, spending this time together ultimately makes us a greater team for our clients because of our bond together.

A great night and day for the Mode team and one that will be repeated soon, maybe we should all take up Clay Pigeon shooting and start a Mode competitive team!

mode team after shooting

Mode’s Excellent Service Team Do It Again with Astounding Response Time!

Mode service times

So many great things have happened in the past year. As a growing vibrant company we always strive to retain, and develop new talent and continue to develop ways to further excel with our high levels of service for our clients.

We always monitor our Service Engineer’s speed of response in order to assure our clients that we continue to offer the high level of service that Mode has become renowned for. Our preventative maintenance provides absolute peace of mind to our clients and allows them to worry about the running of their business rather than the solutions they need.

Personalised, attentive, preventative service has always been of paramount importance to Mode and as a result our clients tend to never need us. However, our engineers are postcode based to ensure that our response times are the best within the industry! Our client support team are on hand to help our clients with any needs they have and manage our engineers to ensure that we rapidly respond should the need arise.

We are so proud of these service response figures that each quarter we celebrate this on our website to allow our clients to see what they can expect from us compared to others in the industry.

Recently we reviewed our yearly response times for 2016. We are so proud to say that for 2016, our Service Engineers responded on average within 99 minutes!!

Congratulations to our fabulous Service Team, we are proud of you.

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