A Shout Out to the Mode Service Team!

We are always proud of our service team and their high levels of service, always going that extra mile for all our clients. Our service team are post code based so when one of our clients should unexpectedly need them, they can respond and react fast.

Mode is proud to say that in 2017 Modes’ service team to our client’s service calls within 88 mins which is an outstanding achievement.

Mode’s Service team: You are incredible, and we are proud of what you achieve.


Mode Print Solutions celebrates its continuing growth and success with its 3rd annual Sales Awards!

Mode Print Solutions hosted another celebration of its Sales Team on 12th January 2018.

The London and Hertfordshire based firm, now in its 23rd year of success hosted the event at Tewinbury Farm, Hertfordshire, with all employees. The theme of the company’s prestigious event was fancy dress in either movies or 80’s and they were joined by a “Dame Edna Everage” look-a-like who hosted and presented the awards, along with entertainment from a live band and show girls.

Established in 1995 by David Davis, the Print solutions company that employs over 50 people in Hertfordshire and London has always focused on building a people-centric business that trains and develops their employees through their Mode Academy. Davis always recognised that this was the key to ensuring a thriving sales team and creating longevity in their client base. Mr Davis commented “ Mode has continued to grow and thrive based on my original vision 23 years ago. Nurturing talent, being different from the rest, and ensuring that we always offer the best to all our clients. The right team is key in delivering this vision.”

Among the accolades on the evening, was Mode Top Sales Executive and Top New Business Sales Executive. Michael Davis, the Company’s Sales Director adds: “The awards dinner has now become integral in celebrating Mode’s continuing success. We want to celebrate our Sales teams achievements for the previous year and empower our team to continue to go from strength to strength. Our fine-tuned sales process through the Mode Academy, allows our team as individuals to develop their careers to their full potential. The awards evening supports and applauds our ethos as a business.”

Managing Director Rob Clarke is keen to add “We like to celebrate not only our sales team, but also applaud our continuing drive to ensure that our business is client focused. That includes praising our Client support team and Service Engineers that enable us to deliver that high level of expertise and service that all our clients can expect. Our unrivalled service is evident by our outstanding response times. In 2017 we responded to our clients calls within an average response time of 79 minutes which is truly outstanding compared to the rest of the industry. Mode wants to celebrate all of our success for the previous year and ensure that we are all committed to continuing delivering this high level of expectation.”

Mode is always described as a progressive business by the senior management team but one that nurtures talent and ensuring their staff our content and focused in their roles.

David Davis concludes, “It’s all about people, whether it’s about the welfare of our staff or our commitment to our customers. We ensure our team has the right tools to assist our clients to the highest level, and that continues to be our bedrock of our success.”

Is There Still Confusion Over GDPR?

Mode is in the process of preparing for the new GDPR law that will be implemented on May 25th, 2018 and supporting our clients through this transition and what it means for all businesses.

Recap: What is GDPR

  • New law that will replace the Data protection Act
  • It will require all business dealing with any EU business whether they are in the EU or not to:
    • All data must be obtained by consent
    • If requested by the individual, all data will have to be deleted upon request
    • Companies must detail what personal data they hold, how it is processed
    • Certain business will have to have a Data Protection officer
    • Data breaches will have to be reported to Supervisory Authorities within 72 hours of the breach
    • Failure to comply is potentially a fine of 4% of annual turnover or 20Million euros whichever is greater.

However, it is still apparent that confusion remains with many businesses, about what GDPR will mean to them and the impact on their processes.

IN 2016, Dell conducted research to see how well-prepared SMB’s and large enterprises were for the new law this year. This research was conducted across Europe. It indicated then some interesting findings:

  • 80% of respondents knew few details or nothing about GDPR
  • 97% had no plan
  • Only 9% of IT and Business professionals were fully prepared for GDPR
  • 70% of respondents had said that they are not or do not know if they are prepared.
  • 90% said their existing processes would not satisfy the new GDPR requirements.

However, Mode recently reviewed some more current research by Collyer Bristow (as featured in in October 2017 ) and discovered that businesses understanding of GDPR has improved but not to the extent that you would expect for a law that will due to be implemented in under 4 months:

  • 57% senior management have little or no direct involvement with data protection
  • 34% of businesses have no plans to perform a data risk assessment in 2017
  • 23% of businesses have no data breach contingency in place
  • 20% of businesses still have not taken steps to prepare for GDPR

So Why is There Still So Much Confusion Over GDPR?

An article in ITProPortal published in 31st January speculates that many companies have their “head in the sand” despite the plethora of consultants and industry commentators warnings!

Mode Recommends What We All Need to Do Now!

  • Implementing GDPR is a board-level issue and compliance must be agreed at this level
  • Businesses need to understand what data they hold, need and what is collected.
  • Decide what data is processed and whether your business needs to collect or retain the data.
  • Have processes in place that will allow you to delete data with confidence
  • Review how the flow of personal data proceeds through your organisation and how its processed, stored, secured and deleted.
  • Ascertain whether your current security policies are adequate to offer protection against unauthorised access and data loss.
  • Review any potential breach areas and whether your business has the tools to investigate any compromises.
  • Adopt an “end-to-end Security” approach, which will allow your business to guarantee a full life cycle of protection of personal data, which will include the creation and storage od data until the time it becomes obsolete.

Follow These Steps:

  1. Prepare: understand the personal data you hold and the potential risks
  2. Protect: Protect personal data from malicious attacks and misuse
  3. Detect: Provide rapid detection, understand the impact of any breach
  4. Respond: Respond efficiently and effectively to be compliant and mitigate any risk.

With the new law coming in under 4 months, it’s essential that companies act now to ensure we are all prepared for GDPR.

Mode’s Team Hunt for Treasure on Their Latest Team Weekend!

It was a blustery winters weekend in November, where Mode’s operations team descended on the North Norfolk coast for their annual team gathering.

As a people centric business, the focus of these events is always to enjoy each other’s company away from the day-to day running on the business, and to push our boundaries in the chosen activity.

It’s an opportunity for us to be with our excellent service team who are always permanently based in London and for us all to spend time with other members of the team that we don’t necessarily work with every day.

Our destination this year was the fabulous north Norfolk coast, where on the first evening we were treated to an amazing meal and fabulous musical entertainment from a string sextet! The following day, having been exhausted by the previous nights’ dancing, we all travelled to Holkham Hall where we were partnered up and asked to complete what must be one of the most complicated treasure hunts ever seen! (thanks to our MD for that!) The treasure hunt had us all walking several miles in a bid to find obscure items following on from obscure clues. However, what was noted was the high level of competitiveness within the team!

After some very strict scrutiny of the possessions we had gathered, by Rob, the winners were declared and thankfully we were treated to Tea and cake at Holkham Hall.

Another highly successful team event which was thoroughly enjoyed by all with lots of fun and laughter. We all look forward to the next one!

Charity Begins at Mode

mode charity december 2017

Working closely with our charities is something Mode prides itself on. Our responsibility and commitment to this has always been integral to our ethos.

Whilst we work closely with our clients, we do not like to forget our charities and schools that we support, local to our Hertfordshire office.

This December, we contributed to our local primary school at Thundridge, enabling them to purchase 10 new laptops. We also supported our local OAP’s lunch which is an incredible Christmas event which provides so much fun and company for our local older community, and also, for the 3rd year running, we supported Reed in purchasing Christmas presents for children that had to unfortunately spend the holidays at the Lister hospital at Stevenage.

Mode is proud to continue its support for these amazing causes and will continue to contribute throughout 2018 and in the future.

mode charity december 2017
Our fabulous receptionist, Kate, and Hannah, from our incredible Client Support Team, presenting Reed with Mode’s presents for the children at Lister Hospital.


What Do People Prefer, Print or Digital?


This has been an ongoing debate for over a decade, the efficiencies of digital versus print. So many articles, studies, reports have repeatedly either championed the age of digital, or the need to retain print. Reviews of ROI, costs and other KPIs have all looked at print.

In fact, two things have been ignored: the need for both to live in harmony for smarter business efficiency and what people prefer.

Recently a survey commissioned by Two Sides spoke to 1,000 UK consumers about their preference for reading in print or on digital. The survey looked at what people considered as trusted digital sources, along with looking at whether people wanted to choose how they received communications.

These are the results:

·     78% people preferred reading in printed magazines

·     73% preferred books in printed versions

Other parts of the survey looked at how security on line and information on line is regarded:

·     71% were concerned about their security and privacy-the implication being they were concerned about being hacked.

·     76% believed that news on line has now a worrying trend of being fake

·     78% do not even look at on line ads and try to avoid or block them

·     69% found on line ads annoying

This is not just a UK trend. 9 other countries were also surveyed with a total of 10, 700 respond ants and results from those countries mirrors the UK’s response.

·     85% of French respondents preferred to read a book in printed format.

·     71% Americans read news from a printed newspaper as they believed it gave them greater knowledge of the story.

Mode’s conclusion is that whilst the digital age is very much upon us and initially all the indicators were that paper was out people still want hard printed content, therefore the two mediums working together, can be the only solution for all businesses in their strategies.

What’s the Best Type of Paper for Your Business Requirements?


Believe it or not, just like the quality of your goods and service, the type of paper you choose to use as a business is also incredibly important. First impressions are a big deal and if you’re sending printed documents to potential clients, you need to make sure they are presented correctly. After all, there’s no point putting in a lot of time and effort into the content if the paper is not right. Here is some advice regarding the type of paper you should opt for, according to the job requirements.

Copier Paper

The type of paper you invest in largely depends on what it’s going to be used for. For example, if you’re printing a high volume of documents each day, you’ll want to be as economical as possible, otherwise your printing costs will quickly add up. Copier paper is an excellent alternative to laser, photo or inkjet paper if your documents don’t need to be particularly high quality.

Laser Paper

Out of all the different printer paper types, laser paper is the thickest. As the name suggests, it is designed specifically to be used in a laser printer and produces superior quality documents. Although a little more expensive than regular printer paper, laser paper gives you an elegant finish, which is ideal for documents that will face the public or your clients.

Recycled Paper

For many companies, there is a strong focus on being environmentally friendly and reducing their carbon footprint. One great way to becoming more green is to use recycled paper. It can be used in any type of printer and is almost as white as normal, non-recycled paper. This is a great choice for commonplace printing of in-house documents.

Inkjet Paper

If you have an inkjet printer, you’ll know that you need more absorbent paper so that the ink dries quickly and doesn’t smudge. This is because inkjet printers spray the liquid ink onto the page at a rapid rate and therefore require special inkjet paper.

Photo Paper

If you’re hoping for high quality, glossy results, you should invest in some specialist photo paper. This is available with a variety of finishes, such as silk or matt for a classy look or gloss for images.

All in all, you shouldn’t misjudge the significance of the appearance and finish of your company’s printed brochures, flyers or other documents. If you are still unsure what type of paper is most suited to your project, feel free to get in touch with any questions.


What Should SMEs Do? Buy or Lease Their Managed Print Solutions?


SMEs always must consider the financial burden of the essential equipment they need for their business, and print solutions are one of the most important necessities for the smooth running of operations.

Aside from the initial capital of the machines needed, there is the maintenance and servicing and purchasing.  This can stretch operational budgets beyond feasible limits.

Leasing machines is therefore financially attractive for SMEs alleviating the burden of up front capital.

Mode reviewed the benefits for SMEs leasing their print solutions:

Financial Advantages

Capital is always an issue for small businesses, as it is rare that there are disposable financial resources to purchase print solutions. Avoiding large purchases like this, keep essential capital available for other significant business needs. Also purchasing this equipment, inevitably depreciates over time, therefore it is of no added value for your business to own these assets.

Budget Advantages

Paying out large sums of capital does not make any sense for SMEs. However, spreading the cost in manageable sums through a lease agreement can help with budgetary requirements. There is the flexibility of having the equipment you need immediately for your business whilst not having the huge financial outlay.

Technology Advances

It is a common fact that this type of IT/Print solutions depreciates faster than most of a business’s assets. Leasing the equipment, you need gives your business the freedom for up to date equipment. This allows you to take advantage of technological advances as leasing offers you the flexibility to update when new equipment becomes available, or as your business needs change, or as you grow, so too can your equipment match your needs.

The Pitfalls

Mode has seen too many times, businesses becoming disillusioned by their print supplier. You do need to check who the finance is with-typically a 3rd Party, also, ensure that all your supplies and servicing are with the company you have initially signed with. Leasing needs to be easiest solution for you.


If you’d like to talk to Mode about our unique product Simple, where you will only ever deal with Mode for all your equipment, financing, servicing and supplies, then do contact us today.


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