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Mode Proudly Support Paper Cut’s New Demo Suite

mode printers

As one of our premier partners, we have had a close working relationship with Paper Cut for many years as part of our Managed Print Suite proposition for our customers. We were only too happy to support Papercut when they asked for our support in their new showroom by providing them with a selection of machines we supply to our customers. Paper cut asked for various machines so that they could show the full extent of their services on a wide range of products.

Mode supplied Xerox Ricoh and Lexmark equipment for the Papercut demonstration suite.

printer show room

Richard King Channel Partner Manager for UK & Ireland commented

“The iTS London office recently opened a new PaperCut demo suite loaded with the most up-to-date PaperCut features and technologies that includes a number of industry-leading manufacturers devices. When we approached Mode Print Solutions, a long standing and high profile PaperCut Value Added partner of iTS in the UK, they were delighted to assist and swiftly arranged for the delivery and installation of a new Ricoh, Xerox and Lexmark MFD. iTS would like to take this opportunity to extend their thanks to Michael and the team for arranging this and look forward to welcoming their clients to the demo suite to unleash the power of PaperCut.”

Please click here to understand more about how a managed print solution would benefit you.

International Print Day


International Print Day is today – the grassroots campaign was created to promote print as an environmentally and socially responsible way of communicating.

Print Day has 4 main aims:

  1. Dispel the myths about print
  2. Prove print is a viable, advantageous, and powerful mode of communication
  3. Advocate print as intrinsic to human nature; evoking emotions and providing a tactile experience
  4. Promote the coupling of print with digital communications to provide a truly integrated approach that allows information to be accessed both with and without a device

Myths About Print

Printing is actually considerably more sustainable and environmentally-friendly than people initially assume. Far from ‘killing trees’, paper is made from completely renewable resources and produced with over 60% recycled materials. For every tree that’s harvested for paper production, another 3 are planted, meaning that printing is actually helping to grow our forests rather than depleting them.

Consuming information on printed formats is also incredibly eco-friendly; paper doesn’t require any energy to read other than a lightbulb if it’s dark, while information on a screen requires data servers and power for the individual device whenever you want to read.

Advantages of Print

As well as being remarkably eco-friendly, print has a wide range of advantages that range from ease of use through to flexibility. Once an item is printed, it is ready for consumption without needing to ensure that items are charged or programmes are compatible with various systems. It can be read anywhere, and even dropped without causing any real damage. It’s this versatility that made it such a popular medium, and why print books seeing a resurgence and outsold eBooks last year.

Taking notes, sharing copies, and ‘backing up’ information are all simpler and easier with print copies, which is why so many businesses still maintain print files in addition to items on the server or in the cloud.

We invite all of our clients and visitors to celebrate International Print Day with us.

Want to Retain Information Better? Print it Before Reading.


The average adult now spends 8 hours a day in front of a screen – whether that’s a computer screen at work, the tv, or their smartphone – so it’s safe to say that we read a huge amount of information on non-printed media. But a recent study from TwoSides has shown that people retain or use information far better if they initially read it on paper.

84% of people surveyed believe that they understand and can retain information better when they read it on paper, and only 31% think that mobiles and smart phones are useful for reading and memorising information.

The survey asked 500 UK and 1,000 US consumers about a range of issues related to the switch from paper-based to digital media and their own experiences with both. The results have huge implications for people distributing information, marketing messages, educational texts, or any other items that they want people to understand and remember.

What Did They Find?

The survey has a range of findings, including that:

  • 79% of people were most relaxed when reading print on paper
  • 83% of people stated a clear preference for reading complicated documents on paper
  • 21% of people said they were ‘easily distracted’ when reading from paper – this rose to 65% for people reading on mobiles
  • A huge number of people print out important documents to read because:
    • 72% think that printed documents are easier to read
    • 49% think that printed documents are more secure
    • 53% think that printed documents are better for storage and archiving
  • Almost 50% of people still get paper bills for financial services
  • 54% of people pay more attention to advertising when reading magazines in print

Ultimately, when given a choice, 78% of people prefer to read in print, on paper. That’s especially true when people are reading important information that they want to understand in full, but even when they’re simply reading for leisure.

At Mode, we’ve always understood the importance of print and being able to read paper copies of information in addition to items on screen. However it is interesting to see this information in the age of multi-screening and statements like ‘Print is Dead’. Print is truly at the heart of all good document management processes and every business that we work with.

Update on the SweetTree Challenge

Phil and Barry have done amazingly well over the past couple of days with the cycle part of the journey well underway.

Day 17 was completed yesterday, a wet but very successful day. With now only 3 more days left of the challenge we should have them back safe and sound for Wednesday, 4pm for cold beers and hot pizza with the rest of the SweetTree team at Swiss Cottage HQ You are more than welcome to join us if you are free ?

Day 18 MONDAY Aug 24th Morecombe to Macclesfield 89.1
Day 19 TUESDAY Aug 25th Macclesfield to Rugby 94.9
Day 20 WEDNESDAY Aug 26th Rugby to Swiss Cottage (SweetTree) 91.9


Did you see the latest image… Barry and Phil in the famous Gretna Green!


3 Ways to Print Great Photos at the Office

print photos

While most office printers aren’t designed for ongoing photo printing, if you’ve had a recent event and just want to print off a few snaps it can be a lot easier, faster, and cheaper to do it at the office than sending them off for processing.

You can’t necessarily expect the same sort of results, so if you need professional quality prints it’s important to send them to a printer that can handle the work. Laser printers are getting better at handling photographs, but inkjets are still considerably better. Inkjet printers can print at the same sort of quality as you’d get from a typical highstreet shop printing service.

So, how can you get the best results from your printer?

Use the Right Paper

Photo paper isn’t just important for the gloss or matte finish. The paper is less likely to be soaked by the ink – standard paper can’t handle the amount of ink that a photograph requires, meaning that the results can be blurry and the paper can even warp.

Print Direct from the Camera

You may have the option of printing directly from your camera, which can give you a much better quality image with more detail and better contrast. It’s worth taking some time to experiment with the different printing options to see which gives you the effect you’re looking for.

Remember that Screens and Paper Colours Work Differently

The difference between CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) and RGB (Red Green Black) is subtle, but it can make the difference between being on-brand or having totally different colours. Check how your file is formatted and change to a CMYK .pfd or .jpeg if required.

Did you know we sell cartridges for many brands of desktop inkjet printers? Call 0845 223 2203 to find out more.

Mode Proudly Supports the SweetTree Challenge 2015

sweettree challenge vanWe believe that every business has a social responsibility, which is why we support charities locally and around the UK every year.

Today, we’re supporting SweetTree Home Care Services in this year’s challenge. The team are walking from The Mulberry Centre to Scotland over 15 days and then cycling all the way back!

The Mulberry Centre offers a lifeline to 1,600 people every year, providing support and valuable information for people affected by cancer. They work to improve people’s physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing while they overcome the disease.

SweetTree will be posting about the journey on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – you can follow updates via the hashtag #SweetTreeChallenge or check in here to see the latest pics.

If you would like to donate to the cause and help provide support to thousands of people with cancer, just text SCOT15 £5 to 70070.

Good luck to Phil and the team!

Congratulations to Kate!

hertford theatre week

Congratulations to Kate whose play won 2nd place at the Hertford Drama Festival and the Adjudicator’s Award for the lighting team.

The cast and crew of A Slice of Saturday night are extremely pleased and even met the Major of Hertford when they were presented with the award.


Kate from Mode

How to Avoid Paper Jams

paper jams

Paper jams are universally irritating – repeated issues can seriously slow down office processes and cause delays to meetings.

Luckily, there are quite a few things that you can do to reduce your risk of paper jams or eliminate them entirely. Some of these are quite well known, while others are a surprise to most people.

Is Your Paper the Right Side Up?

For example, most people don’t realise that printer paper has a ‘top’ and ‘bottom’. If you look at the packaging on your paper, you’ll see a small triangle and information about which side should face up in the paper tray. If you’re having repeated issues with a particular lot of paper, try turning it over to see if that helps.

Store Paper Properly

Another thing that causes paper jams is moisture. Paper needs to be stored in a cool, dry place to stop humidity from affecting the supply. It also needs to be the right kind of paper for the machine.

Say Goodbye to Paper Jams

Proper paper placement and storage solves the majority of jam issues, If you’re still experiencing  paper jams, try:

  • Making sure that the adjustable paper width guides are positioned correctly can you add that they need to check this in the paper tray itself (these are found in the paper tray)
  • Removing some paper from the tray – paper trays can be overloaded
  • Not touching, adding, or removing paper during a print job
  • Not reusing paper – bending paper can mean that it won’t feed into the printer properly
  • Not mixing paper types – use a new paper tray for different GSMs or card types

By following this simple advice, you can eliminate the irritation of paper jams from your office. Paper and paper specifications are extremely important to a smooth print process, so it’s important to use the right consumables for every single printer and store them correctly.

If you still have ongoing issues with paper jams, please don’t hesitate to contact us, One of our engineers will take a closer look at your machines.


Mode’s Birthday News: Headlines from 1995

news in 1995

Remember when the riots broke out in Brixton, OJ Simpson was acquitted, and houses cost £50,000? Mode does.

Funnily enough, not everything changes; in 1995 the US was imposing economic sanctions against Iran, there was an Ebola outbreak killing 244 Africans in Zaire, and scientists were busy discovering distant galaxies (even if the ones we’re looking at now are a little further away).

Achievements Still Stand, 20 Years Later

It’s easy to get down on the news, but there were a lot of ground-breaking achievements in 1995. Cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov returned to earth after 437 days in the Mir space station – the longest ever stay in human history. His record remains unbroken and will likely stay that way until the Mars mission.

Cal Ripken’s record of 2,632 baseball games played still hasn’t been broken – he hadn’t taken a day off work since 1982 and he voluntarily pulled himself out of the winning streak in 1998.

In other cases, athletes preferred to break their records immediately, like Jonathan Edwards, who was the world’s first man to legally clear 18m at the triple jump. His record lasted 20 minutes, when he beat the previous jump by 13cm.

Laying the Foundation for the Future

We discovered the first planet outside our solar system when we found Pegasi-51 and discovered that the star wobbled (meaning that it had planets). In 2015 we marked the 1,000th exoplanet discovery.

Just 1% of the UK population had internet access, but it was a growing trend that would take over the world very shortly.

And, of course, our monarch has been immovable and has now been on the throne for 63 years.

Mode Donates to Charities at Anniversary Bash

charity donation

As part of our corporate and social responsibility, we think it’s important to support both local and national charities to give back to the community and world at large. That’s why we regularly donate to charities such as Together for Short lives, The Blue Cross, and Marie Curie.

It’s a pleasure working with these charities and we really enjoy building long-term relationships with the charities that we support to really make a difference.

Together for Short Lives

Since 2011, we’ve donated £6,155 to this charity to help families care for seriously ill children. The charity makes sure that every family has the care and support they need for every step of the journey, and we’re happy that we can make a meaningful contribution to the cause.

Marie Curie

Our latest donation of £7,000 will fund 350 nursing hours at Marie Curie to help local patients and their families in their final days. By offering both hospice care and nursing services at patient’s homes, the charity ensures that each patient can make their decisions and get the best possible care for their circumstances.

We look forward to donating more to these remarkable charities to support their efforts and ensure that patients and families can get the care that they deserve.

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