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Printing from Your Phone: There’s an App for That

printing from your phone

Smartphones are ubiquitous – even if your business doesn’t provide sales people with smartphones, it’s likely that your staff have used their phones for checking emails or other work tasks at some point. If they’re doing more and more of their work from smartphones and tablets, it makes sense to let them print from those devices.

At the moment, emailing items between the devices is the simplest way of getting them from place to place. Unfortunately, this wastes time and can present problems if you need to print a particularly large file.

PrintBack from Xerox Printers

That’s why Xerox launched PrintBack – an app for both Android and iOS devices that let you print to the device at work from your mobile or tablet. It works with any printer, regardless of connection type, manufacturer, or technology so you don’t even have to have a Xerox printer to use it.

Small businesses will be delighted to know that the app is free and incredibly easy to use. There are no issues with finding the right printer since it uses the one that’s already connected to your work computer.

What Else Does it Do?

If you’re not quite ready to print, you can use the connection to your work computer to save items to the download folder or to your Dropbox account. It’s basically a fuss-free way to connect your work computer to your phone and let you move documents between the different devices, depending on where you are and what you need to do.

4 Ways to Print Less and Save More


Businesses seem to fall into two main camps; those to aim to go ‘paperless’ and those who depend on printing for their day to day admin. However, most offices could implement a few simple changes and significantly cut down on waste and excessive printing. 92% of people say that they print more than they need and then throw away up to a third of what they print. This waste costs UK businesses millions every single year.

Print less is surprisingly easy – a lot can be achieved by simply putting a policy in place and communicating it properly. However, using the tools at your disposal can reinforce that policy and monitor print activity to find further efficiencies.

Set up Print Authorisation

Depending on your office printers and photocopiers, you may be able to set up print authorisation. This means that a job isn’t actually printed until somebody goes to the printer and authenticates it. This can completely eliminate unclaimed documents and unnecessary print jobs. It can also cut down on excess printing through user error, such as pushing a print job through more than once since only one copy will be authorised.

Reduce Paper Processes

A lot of businesses still have a huge number of paper processes that require documents to be printed for filing or other admin. Scanning these documents and emailing them to colleagues or filing them in cloud storage can streamline your processes, reduce the need for dozens of filing cabinets, and reduce your print spend.

Create Efficient Default Printer Settings

You can reduce the number of pages printed within your business by changing the default settings on your printer. This will ensure that your employees print double sided sheets automatically, or all printing jobs are set to black and white. This is a far simpler way of reinforcing a policy as everybody will print that way you require unless they purposefully change the settings

Monitor Your Print Data

Print Management Software helps you monitor print usage and identify areas where a particular person, department, or floor can improve. You can analyse data to reduce print output and keep improving your processes.

Hertfordshire Print Supplier Plants 3,000 Trees

ricoh trees hertfordshire

We’re committed to the environment, which is why we only work with suppliers who have excellent green credentials and processes that minimise their impact on the environment at every step of the supply chain.

One of our print supply partners, Ricoh, compensates for their CO2 emissions by planting and conserving British woodland. Carbon Capture helps Ricoh remove CO2 by creating native woodland across the country; they remove just as much CO2 as they create. Ricoh also donate 2p per ream of paper to The Woodland Trust, which means that a tree is planted for every pallet bought.

This recent project was part of Carbon Capture’s Tree Planting Day in Heartwood Forest, Hertfordshire. The work by 150 participants ensured that the site will become the UK’s biggest continuous new native woodland.

Ricoh’s Carbon Capture scheme operates under the Woodland Trust’s Carbon scheme and the government’s Woodland Carbon Code, which is a voluntary standard for British woodland creation projects.

25m2 of woodland will capture and store a tonne of CO2, so creating large areas of new woodland will remove hundreds and thousands of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere – something that will benefit the entire country and the entire planet.

Ricoh is just one of many suppliers we work with who have carbon offset and reduction schemes. We understand that print can have a huge impact on the environment if not managed effectively, which is why we have made our Green Promise to minimise that impact and help your business to do the same, whether it’s by using ethical suppliers such as Mode or improving your print efficiency so that you consume less.

A Day in the Life of Our Engineers

London print engineer

Our engineers at Mode are the most important element in delivering the best and highest service in the industry to our customers. They don’t sit around our offices waiting for something to happen to one of our customers machines – they are out in London proactively serving our customers and helping those who happen to have any issues. We provide outgoing customer service to minimise any complications our customers may have thus resulting in fewer service calls outs.

Starting Early

A typical day for one of our engineers always begins with dealing with those customers who may be experiencing problems. Our engineers travel straight from home to the customer; it is fundamental to our ethos at Mode that we have minimal downtime for our customers. We want to make sure that we help you straight away so that your business is not disrupted.

However, to ensure that we fix any problems efficiently our team will always call ahead to the customer and discuss over the phone and see if we can help resolve things over the phone or at least gain a greater knowledge of what may be the problem. Our expert team will never let our customers down. If photocopiers need spare parts we will do our utmost to ensure that we get the parts the same day, however, if it is late in the day, we will get the parts the very next day. Our engineers will track those parts and make sure that they are delivered to stop any further disruption to our customers. We will know even before you tell us, that the part has arrived!

We only deliver premium delivery service to all our customers so that we know we can eliminate any issues with minimum fuss to you. We will always exceed our customers’ expectations. If we can’t get hold of the part quickly enough as it’s out of stock, we will gain the required parts from our own machines, or even provide you with a replacement photocopier, until your part arrives.

Preventative Maintenance

If your business has more than one machine, our engineers look at all your photocopiers in your office to make sure that they are all functioning properly and check them over to make sure that everything is working well for you. This helps to ensure you have no further issues. Our engineers always like to be preventative so we will always work with you to so that there is never a need to call us out on an emergency. We will also stay with you until large print runs have been completed to ensure that everything is functioning excellently and that we are on hand for any assistance we can offer. This adds extra security to those sensitive documents if you have a tight deadline.

Our industry expert engineers will always advise our customers of any actions they have taken and assist the customer in using the machine before they will even leave the business. In the event that perhaps more intricate technical advice is needed, they will send this through as an urgent request and get the technical expertise needed to our customers the very same day.

Consistent Communication

While our engineers are ‘out and about’ they keep in close contact with our office to ensure that communication between Mode and our customers is airtight. We never want to let you down or disrupt your business for any length of time. The engineers always keep up to date with all manufacturers tech support and consistently update their knowledge base for the latest fixes so that they ensure they are offering Mode’s customers excellent, fast efficient service.

So you see, our engineers are the best in the business, the best at what they do, they go the extra mile for every customer. This is just one of the reasons why our customers stay with us so long – get in touch to find out more and see how our engineers could make your life SIMPLE.

Is Your Business Ready for the Christmas Rush?

office christmas

5 Golden Rules to See You Through the Holiday Season

It’s true to say that every year Christmas comes upon us all at such a speed that before we know it we are in November, and we have no Christmas presents or ordered any Christmas Cards! More importantly though our businesses are not ready to cope with the demand of the busiest periods of the year.

Here are Mode’s top 5 tips for how to survive this festive season:

Choose the Right Supplier for Your Business Needs

It’s such a common thing we hear at Mode when we meet new clients. “We have a few different suppliers for our print solutions” or “ we don’t know how much we spend in the entirety”, “we have to order consumables from different companies”. There is often an absence of coordinated purchasing.

Having different suppliers can severely hold up your business functions. There are too many different people to talk to and not one point of call.

We would always advise working with a single supplier. At Mode we would review your whole business and ascertain what equipment would suit your needs for what your business does. A designated Account Manager would always be on hand to advise you should your needs change, but it would mean your business would always have one point of contact with regards to any equipment you may have. The best business relationships are those that have a positive impact on our customers. As Mode immerses into your business, it allows us to solve real problems to have significant impact.

Finding Reliable Equipment

This is often trickier than it sounds. You can be inclined to think that certain machines could suit your needs and then another requirement becomes apparent within your organisation. However, what becomes apparent in reality is that the equipment may not have all the functions you require, thus slowing your productivity down which is certainly not helpful in this busy period.

As Mode is not committed to a single brand for print solutions it means that we can provide you with unbiased opinions as to what will work for you. Our experienced account managers will really spend time looking at what your company truly needs so that we know what managed print solutions will work for you.

Choosing the Right Contract with Your Supplier

Another thing we often hear is the use of over-complicated contracts that have hidden costs. Many businesses discover that once they have signed with a Print solutions company, the finance is with a third party that they have never heard of, and suddenly this third party are in control of what they owe!

Mode likes to keep things SIMPLE. Our unique product means that business life for our customers remain just that. Simple. It’s about our relationship with our customers. We like to provide the ultimate complete package. We don’t like to over complicate our contracts. We spend the time explaining the cost and what we deliver for that cost. You will only ever deal with Mode, no third party, no bank, only us and we’ll ensure that we dispose of all your old equipment for you with no fuss or stress for you. One less thing to worry about this festive season!

Service Agreements

Your machines break down just as you are trying to get some products out to your customers before Christmas. Or the colour isn’t printing properly when you are trying to do a presentation to secure a deal before everyone breaks for the festivities. The engineers from your service provider take several days to respond or cannot fix the issues, therefore holding up your productivity with your work force.

You will never have this issue with Mode. Our response rate is the best in the industry. Our engineers are never too far away and we will aim to fix any issues as quickly as possible so that there is minimal disruption to any of your work flow and we ensure that you are back up and running as soon as possible.

Peace of Mind

This is so essential when you embark on any agreement with any company. Mode like to give you ultimate peace of mind in everything so that you know that whatever your print solutions needs, whatever happens to go wrong, however you need to get your consumables however you need to pay for them. You only have to deal with us. One point of contact.

Ultimately your business needs to be ready for Christmas, let us help you get ready for that rush, so that nothing prevents you making Christmas 2014 the best your company has ever had.


Mode Supports Womankind’s Comedy Gala

25th logo CMYK big

As part of our social responsibility and commitment to give back to the community, Mode regularly supports local events and charities. In October, we sponsored Womankind’s company gala called Funny Women.

The event at St James’ Theatre in London was completely sold out. The audience were moved and inspired when they saw how their support transforms the lives of women and girls around the world.

Harriet Minter from the Guardian’s Women in Leadership initiative introducted the event before giving the stage to The Funny Women Players – an all-female improvisational comedy team.

Womankind raised hundreds of pounds from raffle tickets and other fundraising at the event, and we look forward to seeing what a difference this money makes to the women they help.

Security Printing: Does Your Business Need Additional Protection?


There are few things more disastrous for a business than losing or misusing sensitive data. While organisations that handle sensitive data invest in firewalls, encryption, and secure back-ups, many fail to secure their printers.

63% of businesses admit that they have experienced at least one print-related data breach (Quocirca), but less than a quarter have implemented security procedures when printing or improved their systems as a result.

Printing as a Security Risk

Unsecured printers and MFDs provide unfettered access to sensitive data and if your organisation routinely handles this information it can be difficult to track how often you print it. Printers are often in communal areas, so unclaimed output is very easily exposed without any major negligence on behalf of your employees – they simply need to be delayed on the way to the printer and the information is lying in the office for anybody to pick up.

Closing the Security Gap

Secure printing is incredibly easy to set up and simple to maintain. ‘Pull printing’ ensures that print jobs are only released when they are authenticated by the original printer – this can be done through PIN codes, smart cards, or even biometric fingerprint recognition. Unclaimed documents will never be printed, so the information cannot go missing or fall into the wrong hands.

In addition to standard authentication, your organisation could set up:

  • Network authentication, which integrates with existing network credentials
  • Job accounting, which helps document regulatory compliance
  • Intelligent print management, which creates rules-based permissions – this could prevent printing altogether for extremely sensitive documents

Ongoing Security Audits

Most of our security printing options include the facilities to conduct regular print audits for your administrators to track print jobs, photocopies, and scans. You can easily check on how each user is using your print facilities to identify patterns of misuse or waste. In the unlikely event that there is a print-related security breach, it is easy to trace the source and improve your processes further.

An Investment in Security

The European Commission may begin fining businesses up to 5% of their annual turnover for data leaks if there is clear negligence – your business cannot afford to be complacent about security or the issues within your print processes. Using intelligent processes and reinforced authentication will ensure that your organisation does not have to pay hefty fines or risk the professional embarrassment of losing data.

Additional Benefits

While security is the primary concern, setting up secure print systems has other benefits; reducing paper wastage through unclaimed jobs can reduce your spend on consumables, while increased mobility provides your employees with additional flexibility.

Do You Need a Secure Printing System?

You may require a secure system if:

  • You are legally required to keep information confidential
  • Your compliance processes require information to be kept secure
  • Your business routinely handles secure information
  • Your printer is in a communal area that is accessible to more than just your own employees
  • A department in your business handles sensitive information but does not have their own print facilities

If you would like to discuss your needs further, please get in touch.

How Much Printing Can You Do In-House?

London office printer

While Digital Marketing is slowly overtaking print, particularly for SMEs, over 90% of SMEs still use printed media as part of their marketing. Due to the high quality requirements, most of this is printed externally – updating leaflets, printing new posters, and renewing business cards can be very costly, especially if you have to throw away existing stock and update it frequently.

While large scale printing will almost always need to   be done externally, you could reduce your marketing budgets by bringing some of the smaller printing jobs in-house. Mailshots and leaflets can certainly be printed in-house if you have a suitable printer in the office. If you would like to take this approach, you can use a number of different printers to keep costs down for every day printing while using another machine for your marketing.

Choosing the Right Printer

If you would like to take more of your printing in-house to save money, you just need to make sure that your printer is suitable for the work. It’s also essential that you assess your print spending to find out how long it will take for you to break even on the investment. You may be surprised – external printing can be extremely costly so it may take less time than you think.

Laser printers are usually recommended for marketing materials as they deliver crisper results. They are usually more expensive than Inkjet printers simply because of the technology and materials required to make them, but the running costs are far cheaper and they ultimately use less consumables for colour images. Laser toner also lasts longer than ink, so you can print per pages per cartridge.

Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) combine photocopiers, printers, and scanners and are ideal for office environments. Many models also have a range of finishing options such as duplexing, stapling, holepunching, offset modes and booklet creation. This means that you could even print your own brochures, given the right device and paper.

Making the Most of Your Marketing Budget

As the marketing world changes it’s important to make the most of your money. The majority of businesses still use print marketing in some way, if only for leaflets and business cards. Bringing those print jobs in house can help you reduce your spend and allocate the savings elsewhere.


5 Ways to Cut Down on Photocopying Costs

save money moneybanks

Regardless of your industry, photocopying and printing are key business expenses and the processes are key to ensuring that you can continue working. Whether you’re printing schedules, contracts, proofreading work, or creating marketing materials it’s likely that you would like to cut down the costs. As a business grows, these expenses only grow, so implementing money saving ideas now can help you expand your business without massively increasing print costs.

1) Use a Multi- Functional Device

Using an MFD can cut down on running costs and reduce the amount of space you need for your print system. It also reduces your energy consumption and operational costs, as well as cutting down on the amount that you need to buy.

2) Encourage Staff to Use the Scanner

Instead of photocopying documents, encourage your staff to scan and email items as much as possible. This way, they can still share information but it cuts down on the amount of paper and consumables. It also means that you have less clutter in the office and reduce your impact on the environment.

3) Print on Both Sides

It’s such a simple solution but it’s incredibly effective – using the duplex option on your machine will ensure that you print on both sides of the paper. Saving money on paper can drastically reduce your print costs as this spend makes up a large proportion of your consumable costs.

4) Print Instead of Photocopying

Your print system should show you what documents have been copied. Review these regularly to see whether they are continually copied and need to be distributed to everybody. If that’s the case, it’s actually cheaper to print the documents instead of photocopying them. This can reduce your ink usage and improve the quality of the copies.

5) Go Paperless

Offices traditionally like to have paper copies of documents to file away. Going paperless can seem strange, but scanning and filing documents electronically means you reduce printing costs and need less storage in your office. If you prefer  to store additional copies for added security, you can use Cloud storage instead of needing physical cabinets in the office.

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