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10 Great Things About Leasing Your Printers

November 27, 2019 1:31 pm Published by Comments Off on 10 Great Things About Leasing Your Printers

Leasing is a great way for a business to receive significant cost benefits without losing functionality. You can have all the convenience and practicality of the equipment you desire without having to pay out for the latest different models in one go. You can have the most up to date and efficient machines at your finger-tips. You can replace your leased devices with newer technology when you choose and this might not necessarily mean increasing your leasing payments. With the latest machines being multifunctional, this means you can update all your products at the same time. When you own your equipment, it is not as easy or convenient to update. It removes the risk of your equipment becoming out of read more...

How to Improve your Workstation Ergonomics

November 18, 2019 2:31 pm Published by Comments Off on How to Improve your Workstation Ergonomics

ergonomics /ˌəːɡəˈnɒmɪks/ noun noun: ergonomics the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. The office can sometimes be neglected when it comes to ergonomics. However, it is a huge factor in staff productivity levels and alertness So, some helpful hints, Informing employees so that they fully know how to work ergonomically can help prevent the onset of injuries and accidents in the workplace. This of course means fewer sick days, which is a definite bonus for employers. All too often workers will sit with their forearms barely supported. This creates fatigue in the muscles of the neck and shoulders, so ensuring the weight of the arms is always supported will deal with this. The hands, wrists and forearms should read more...

Charity for Business

5 ways your business can support a charity

September 30, 2019 10:41 am Published by Comments Off on 5 ways your business can support a charity

It is often assumed that only larger businesses have the capacity to offer support to a charity. They have the profits to offer the support and the resources. However, that doesn’t mean that smaller businesses can’t get involved too. Plus, their contribution can have a significant impact on the charities they support. There are several ways a small business can get involved and help a charity. In kind donations – offering in kind donations could a great way of offering support and this could include gifts of labour, services or even donating your office space to help a charitable event. Your time and knowledge as a donation – small businesses may not have the profits to donate to charities, but they read more...

print management

What Does Managed Print Services Mean?

August 12, 2019 12:26 pm Published by Comments Off on What Does Managed Print Services Mean?

The exact definition of ‘Managed Print Services’ is vague because it varies from company to company. However, the end result is straightforward: managed print services help you gain an understanding of and greater control over the printing behaviours in your workforce. As a result, this helps save money on ink and paper, while also boosting the productivity levels of your staff. What’s more, managed print can help with security and is often better for the environment. Essentially, managed print services use special software on your computers to monitor print activities. It assesses patterns in print behaviour and begins to plan for change. Its overall aim is to help you make better use of your printers within an office environment. Not read more...