Case Study Film Rental

Mode values offering clients exceptional support and ensuring that we are understand their challenges to offer solutions that are utterly bespoke to them.

Recently we worked with a camera rental company which supplies equipment for Dramas, documentaries, feature films, corporates and promos at the very highest level.

Their key business objectives included the need to be considering the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how to ensure that they were compliant with this new legislation. GDPR will have a profound impact on the way VMI handles its customer and employee personal data.

Another key objective was to be able to scan hire contracts in ‘real time’ such that it can be processed and recalled upon immediately.

Our clients’ Challenges.

GDRP is new legislation which came into force May 2018. Key parts within the new legislation were not considered when the current print solution was introduced. It is the responsibility of our client and its employees to make sure that they met these new requirements. A breach of personal data could result in fines of either 4% of annual turnover or 20 million euros, whichever is the greater. Furthermore, there was no way of detecting a cyber-attack on the current device, part of the compliance with GDPR will require staff to report such an attack, to the authorities, within 72 hours of it happening.

As well as GDPR concerns, their scan process was redundant due to there being up to six months delay in archiving hire contracts.  Recently, a team member needed a hire contract that was in storage waiting to be collected and scanned. Retrieving documents from storage was time consuming, but also, storing hard copies of hire agreements, on site, required vast amounts of space in the office. They really felt the need to be addressing this process.

So how did Mode Help?

Mode suggested to our client that we implement the Xerox premium C405 which utilises state of the art enhanced security. Secure print and scan release ensure that only the intended person will retrieve the printed documents. Other key features include, McAfee anti-virus endpoint security firewall, Cisco Encrypted Hard Disk (AES 256-bit, FIPS 140-2 Validated), the ability to run a comprehensive Firmware Verification test that provides alerts if any harmful changes to the device have been detected allowing VMI to report this to the ICO, the organisation responsible for compliance with GDPR. McAfee Whitelisting technology constantly monitors for and automatically prevents any malicious malware from running and a data overwrite system that is embedded within your new device which deletes and overwrites data to prevent any malicious recovery of this data.

Coupled with Xerox C405the Mode Managed Print Suite, powered by Umango. Mode’s solution allows for easy scanning and archiving of hire contracts. Any member of staff can scan multiple hire contracts, at once, using the dedicated document feeder. Each hire contact, with a new unique contract number, will be saved and archived. Hire contracts can be recalled in the future by searching the agreement number in ‘real time’. Having control over scanning documents in house removes the need to store boxes in the office.

Gaining control over workflows meant that our client’s business could ensure better productivity and knew that they were undoubtedly GDPR compliant.