Case Study for Document Management

We were recently contacted by a major restaurant in London that really needed support in updating their processes to be less laborious and smoother for their operations.

Our client’s issues.

The current process for authorising invoices is a ‘laborious task’ and is done manually. The manager can often be working late into the evening as many of his tasks are manual. The authorisation for payment of invoices requires investment of time from the manager and deputy manager and the accounts team who input data from the invoices do this manually so is so time-consuming. This team also take lunch and dinner bookings over the telephone which can interfere heavily with the manual entering of this information and makes this process vulnerable to human error.

The current process meant that Invoices are scanned for archive purposes. The manager has to manually enter the document type, supplier and date to complete this process. Given the number of invoices that have to be archived this can be long winded and time consuming.

The restaurant also had several additional printers that take up lots of space in the office and require monitoring, by staff, for toners and consumables. To avoid breach of confidentiality the manager has to print them from his own desktop printer.

As the restaurant is also very exclusive, they need to print place cards for the table for individual bookings each night so their current Kyocera TASK alfa 3050 is not capable to print onto the card used to create place cards. This being the case, names are handwritten which does not look very professional.

Also, their Kyocera TASK alfa 3050 does not work with apple based products. The printer on the managers desk is used as it is compatible with apple-based products. This printer requires additional monitoring for toners and consumables. This all adds to laborious and time-consuming tasks.

How did Mode help?

Initially what we established was that the restaurant could massively improve its processes by installing a Document Management system, so we proposed Docuware allows for invoices to be scanned once which creates a workflow so that authorisation for payment can be made immediately and electronically. At the same time information from the invoice can populate into sage.

Docuware uses OCR scanning to accurately identify and extract key information within documents. Docuware automatically archives using this information without staff having to enter document type, supplier and date. This will dramatically improve the current time it takes to get hard copy invoices into electronic format.

We also supplied to them a Xerox 7380i which will allow documents to be held at the printer. A code is required to be entered on the device before they are released. This will ensure that sensitive documents are collected by the correct person. The printer is also very tolerant to various types of paper stock. The new device will allow place cards to be printed which will improve presentation and time spent writing them by hand.

Not only that but Xerox is a premier partner with Apple and certified to work with all of their products. The Xerox 7830i will allow for the manager to print documents and negate the need to use the desk printer. This will free up space in the office.

Not only did we allow for all their manual processes to be streamlined and seamless which improved time spent on processes, but we also reduced the time spent on tasks by incorporating one printing device that was secure and allows for confidential information to be printed without the need for multiple devices by incorporating follow me printing.