Case study-Hybrid

Supporting our client in their hybrid environment.

The pandemic has certainly resulted in many business challenges for us all. We all had to adjust quickly to working at home, often having a lack of business solutions to support our teams.

Now as we enter a “new normal”, many of us find ourselves in the position that we will have teams working from home and working in the office and we need to ensure that we have to processes and solutions in place to ensure that our teams productivity remains high and that we are all working as efficiently as possible.

One of our clients whom we were already ensuring support on their communications, turned to us for support in their printing and document management environment.

Their key objectives for our client were to have one company to call for their print and communications solutions to make the process less complicated and to build a relationship with their supplier, however, they also wanted to ensure that they could streamline their current printing and reduce the number of invoices they were receiving.

Our clients challenge.

When we first spoke to our client, they had different suppliers for print and communications. There was often confusion about who to call for what service and also their suppliers were not offering the service they wanted with long call out times and exceedingly unsatisfactory service.

Also, the print invoicing was highly confusing as they were receiving lease and service invoices from separate companies, creating additional work in the office, double the amount of processing!

So, what was Mode’s solutions?

When we spoke to our client, we demonstrated to them the simplicity of our service. One number to call for any enquiries, ensuring any assistance required was responded too quickly. Se pride us on our personal approach and our UK based Client Support team which pride itself on exceptional response times.

Another key aspect of our service is the fact that we do not use leasing companies therefore this streamlined the print invoices which saved time spent processing. Less confusion with suppliers as less companies involved.