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Update on the SweetTree Challenge

Phil and Barry have done amazingly well over the past couple of days with the cycle part of the journey well underway.

Day 17 was completed yesterday, a wet but very successful day. With now only 3 more days left of the challenge we should have them back safe and sound for Wednesday, 4pm for cold beers and hot pizza with the rest of the SweetTree team at Swiss Cottage HQ You are more than welcome to join us if you are free ?

Day 18 MONDAY Aug 24th Morecombe to Macclesfield 89.1
Day 19 TUESDAY Aug 25th Macclesfield to Rugby 94.9
Day 20 WEDNESDAY Aug 26th Rugby to Swiss Cottage (SweetTree) 91.9


Did you see the latest image… Barry and Phil in the famous Gretna Green!


Congratulations to Kate!

hertford theatre week

Congratulations to Kate whose play won 2nd place at the Hertford Drama Festival and the Adjudicator’s Award for the lighting team.

The cast and crew of A Slice of Saturday night are extremely pleased and even met the Major of Hertford when they were presented with the award.


Kate from Mode

Mode’s Birthday News: Headlines from 1995

news in 1995

Remember when the riots broke out in Brixton, OJ Simpson was acquitted, and houses cost £50,000? Mode does.

Funnily enough, not everything changes; in 1995 the US was imposing economic sanctions against Iran, there was an Ebola outbreak killing 244 Africans in Zaire, and scientists were busy discovering distant galaxies (even if the ones we’re looking at now are a little further away).

Achievements Still Stand, 20 Years Later

It’s easy to get down on the news, but there were a lot of ground-breaking achievements in 1995. Cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov returned to earth after 437 days in the Mir space station – the longest ever stay in human history. His record remains unbroken and will likely stay that way until the Mars mission.

Cal Ripken’s record of 2,632 baseball games played still hasn’t been broken – he hadn’t taken a day off work since 1982 and he voluntarily pulled himself out of the winning streak in 1998.

In other cases, athletes preferred to break their records immediately, like Jonathan Edwards, who was the world’s first man to legally clear 18m at the triple jump. His record lasted 20 minutes, when he beat the previous jump by 13cm.

Laying the Foundation for the Future

We discovered the first planet outside our solar system when we found Pegasi-51 and discovered that the star wobbled (meaning that it had planets). In 2015 we marked the 1,000th exoplanet discovery.

Just 1% of the UK population had internet access, but it was a growing trend that would take over the world very shortly.

And, of course, our monarch has been immovable and has now been on the throne for 63 years.

Mode Donates to Charities at Anniversary Bash

charity donation

As part of our corporate and social responsibility, we think it’s important to support both local and national charities to give back to the community and world at large. That’s why we regularly donate to charities such as Together for Short lives, The Blue Cross, and Marie Curie.

It’s a pleasure working with these charities and we really enjoy building long-term relationships with the charities that we support to really make a difference.

Together for Short Lives

Since 2011, we’ve donated £6,155 to this charity to help families care for seriously ill children. The charity makes sure that every family has the care and support they need for every step of the journey, and we’re happy that we can make a meaningful contribution to the cause.

Marie Curie

Our latest donation of £7,000 will fund 350 nursing hours at Marie Curie to help local patients and their families in their final days. By offering both hospice care and nursing services at patient’s homes, the charity ensures that each patient can make their decisions and get the best possible care for their circumstances.

We look forward to donating more to these remarkable charities to support their efforts and ensure that patients and families can get the care that they deserve.

Mode Celebrates Two Decades in the Business

On the 6th March, we celebrated 20 years in the business. We were joined by Hertfordshire MR, Sir Oliver Heald QC, Mrs Rosalie Standley (the Major of Ware), and representatives from a number of charities to celebrate this milestone.

It was the perfect opportunity to present the charities with donations from our latest fundraising efforts. A total of £15,000 was split between Marie Curie Cancer Care, The Blue Cross, and Together for Short Lives.

An anniversary is a fantastic time to reflect on our achievements, look back to our roots, and plan the next steps. We hope to keep nurturing and investing in talent with The Mode Sales Academy while maintaining relationships with our long-standing employees who have been with the business from the beginning. After 20 years, we’re still growing and incredibly excited about our new developments so a number of new hires will be joining the Mode Sales Academy Training programme.

Ultimately, the secret to our success is simple; it’s all about people. Whether those people are customers, employees, or suppliers; treating people with respect, acting with integrity, and investing in relationships has been the bedroom of our achievements to date.

Mode’s Birthday Tunes: Music in 1995

90s music tape

We might be a bit biased, but we think 1995 was undoubtedly the best year for music in the 90s. Legends like Jeff Buckley and Tupac Shakur were still alive (although Kurt Cobain sadly passed the year before), boybands were all the rage, and it’s the year that Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise was unleashed upon the world.

Girls growing up in the 90s can all remember singing (ok, screaming) along to Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill and just learning what irony is, while older teens might have been horrifying their parents by playing Sympathy for the Devil (Guns N’ Roses) or Marilyn Manson’s Smells Like Children.

Shirley Manson was arguably at her best as Garbage released their album of the same name; “Only Happy When it Rains” spoke to millions of fans around the world – especially the 701,757 in the UK who realised they have no real choice on the matter.

Gwen Stefani looked… much as she does now but her magical anti-aging abilities weren’t so obvious yet. Don’t Speak from  the album, Tragic Kingdom reached #1 around the world the year after the album was released.

(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? transformed Oasis from an indie act into rock gods after selling a record-breaking 347,000 copies in its first week. Wonderwall is still sung throughout the North at any given opportunity, and is heavily embedded in the British national consciousness. 1995 was just the start.

In short, 1995 was an incredible year for iconic albums and songs that genuinely stand the test of time. While we’ve lost some of the legends (RIP Michael Jackson), we’re still looking forward to albums from some of these artists in 2015. Bob Dylan, Radiohead, Marilyn Manson, The Smashing Pumpkins, Gwen Stefani, Faith No More, Tool, Modest Mouse, and Bjork are all releasing hotly anticipated albums in the coming year and celebrating over 20 years in the music industry.

London Print Services That Go the Distance

London taxi Mode


If you’re out and about in London, you might just see one of Mode’s branded black cabs – you can even book one to take you to a meeting with us.

Driving Better Print

At Mode, we’ve always prided ourselves on taking you where you need to be, so it’s about time we did it literally. Our black cabs are driving around London as we type, so keep an eye out!

We were extremely pleased to open our London office, giving us a hub in the city to make it easier to send out engineers or meet clients in the city. It’s even better to be part of the quintessential London experience – a black cab under the London eye (unfortunately, in the rain). 

mode London ads

If you see our taxis, let us know!


Happy 20th Birthday to Us!

Mode birthday cake

Mode is 20 years old this year – we’ve come a long way and the world is definitely a very different place.

When Mode was born, the world was listening to Alanis Morissette, 2Pac, and Bjork. The battle of the bands was in full swing;Oasis and Blur both released a single in the same week. Blur was selling 274,000 No.1 in the charts to Oasis’ 216, 000 and was No.2 Princess Diana was still alive (and married), Facebook didn’t exist, and Steve Jobs would have to wait another year to return to Apple. Google wasn’t even invented yet!

We share our 20th birthday with, Amazon, and Craigslist. But it wasn’t just a year for huge websites – classics were born in 1995 and we’re even starting to see some fashions come back ground.

Who Else is Turning 20 in 2015?

Clueless is the archetypal 90s show – unfortunately it hasn’t aged as well as some of the other films released in the same year. 1995 gave us Se7en, The Usual Suspects, Empire Records, Apollo 13, Bad Boys, and Braveheart. It was even the year when Toy Story came out.

Of course, cinema isn’t all the year had to offer. The Nintendo 64 is celebrating it’s 20th with us as well as the Playstation (which was originally meant to be an add-on for the Super Nintendo). George Foreman launched his Lean Mean Grilling Machine and Starbucks released their Frappuccino.

And Who’s a Little Worse for Wear?

Unfortunately, not everybody gets to be a classic. The Macarena has been retired to ironic mum dancing, and Pogs are nostalgically mentioned by people who still remember all the words to Gangsta’s Paradise.

And, in case you want to feel really old, Ross’ son Ben from Friends would be 20 years old now. Roughly the same age as the One Direction boys, then.

Mode’s Annual Summer BBQ

summer company bbq

It was touch and Go as to whether the Mode’s annual family summer BBQ could still go ahead. We like to support our local establishments and therefore used a pub where they all knew us and we could relax together.

However, the weather was not looking great. As people made their way to the pub, they were faced with torrential rain. There was a lot of water on the roads; would people make it to the venue? Would we be able to play all the exciting games that were on offer? Would we be faced with having all the companies’ children and partners in a tiny pub?! Would the BBQ be rained on so much the sausages would sizzle out??

The thoughts were terrifying. There had been so much planning happen and it could all go wrong. The summer BBQ is always such a great opportunity for the whole “Family” to get together. It’s a chance for the whole team, whether they are operations, out in the field (Our Engineers) or our highly trained sales team, to get together kick back and relax with all our families.

However, as the time approached for the sausages to be cooked the rain stopped, the sun broke out and we were able to enjoy the British summer!

Mode team

There were plenty of games to be enjoyed by Adults and children alike, Boules, football, darts (obviously the soft sort!) and as time drew on, as the food cooked (and was promptly eaten) and the games carried on, as our pictures will show- it was questionable who enjoyed it the most –the adults or the children!

Here’s to another extremely successful Mode Summer BBQ and let’s look forward to the Christmas frivolity.

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