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Could Your Business Be Greener?

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The impact we have on our environment is consistently in the media and this increased awareness means that rightly, people are more conscious of what they are buying and what impact that, that purchase has on the environment.

Being able to provide a service that can be proven to be more environmentally conscious could have potentially a positive impact on your business too in terms of increasing your sales as businesses. A recent survey by Close Brothers Asset Finance, discovered that 55% of businesses are prepared to pay higher prices for products and services from companies that have environmentally friendly processes.

However, balancing the need to be cost effective in your business as well as balancing your responsibility to the environment can be a challenge and the Close Brothers survey demonstrated that.

76% of businesses questioned said that they favoured the cost of goods over the environmental impact, even though 71% had said (SMB’s), that they were active in promoting the need to their employees to be environmentally responsible. Going green as a business is not a straightforward process.

So how can businesses reduce their impact on the environment?

Review current processes

Look at how you use energy in your office. What paper do you waste, who travels for business, what are you throwing away that could be recycled? By stepping back and ascertaining your usage and auditing what you do, will really focus what your business needs to do next.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Buildings account for 30% of Carbon Dioxide emission globally so try reducing your carbon footprint in your office by reviewing your insulation, and whether solar power can benefit your business. Also, why not work with a Carbon Footprint charity in balancing your current carbon footprint and offsetting your usage by donating the value of that usage to charitable work. Find out how Mode became Carbon Zero here.

Use the right paper

Whilst many would challenge your use of paper, the view that paper is unsustainable material is now being challenged considerably.

The idea that the use of paper is destroying forests couldn’t be further from the truth. In Europe forests are not shrinking, they are growing at an exceedingly healthy rate. Between 2005-2015, European forests grew by 44, 000 sq. km, an area the size of Switzerland. Equally, paper is one of the most recycled materials with a 72% recycling rate in Europe.

Paper from trees is a renewable source so if it is recycled then you are dealing with this responsibly.

Every business has a challenge in reducing its impact on the environment, but sometimes by making minimal changes has a huge impact on improving your impact on the environment. For more information, visit our website

4 Tips for Green Printing

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The environment is a big concern for consumers and businesses alike, resulting in a rising level of respect for companies who are environmentally friendly. With that said, you might be wondering how to reduce the impact your business is having on the environment. A great place to start is with your printer. It’s worth assessing how much energy you’re using and how much toner and paper is being wasted every day. By paying attention to such things, you’ll be able to figure out how to be kinder to the environment, while reducing overall costs. Here are four tips to help:

1.     Be Energy Efficient

If you have a large print job pending, it is worth waiting to do it at night when the electricity costs less. You should also print a test copy to make sure it’s perfect before you print off lots more. This will help avoid mistakes and therefore save paper. When the printers aren’t in use, you should set them to “stand-by” mode, as well as the rest of your office technology.  Be sure to share your printer across each department in your business.

2.     Use Recycled Paper or Responsibly Sourced Paper

Many printers allow you to use recycled paper, however, lots of devices aren’t compatible. If you’d like to use recycled paper but you’re unsure if you can, please give us a call and we’ll happily help. Mode recommends responsibly sourced paper with FSC® or PEFC and EU Ecolabe labels.

3.     Follow Me Printing

Follow me printing is widely popular and has many benefits. As well as being convenient and secure, it also reduces waste and is therefore better for the environment. With follow me printing, the user is asked for a code before they can release their print job. This prevents abandoned prints, which is just a waste of paper and ink.

4.     Opt for an Eco-Friendly Printer

If you’re really serious about going green then this is a great option. Despite using less energy than other printers, eco-friendly printers still offer exceptional performance.


If you want to know more about eco-friendly printers, or how to be more environmentally friendly around the office, get in touch and a member of our team will be able to give you some advice.

Printing Solutions Are Green

Whatever size of your business, we all have a reason behind reducing our impact to the environment.

Print Solutions have often been hailed as blights on being able to be green in business, however, this really is a myth now in the age of increasing advances in technology which have considered the impact on the environment and made significant developments to reduce the impact.

Many people assume that by being more “digitally minded”, printing less paper and keeping everything online keeps them green, however, this is a misconception. You must bear in mind that all the digital equipment we have in our offices uses considerable energy which is not environmentally friendly at all! By 2030 it is predicted that we could discard between 400-700 million obsolete computers per year. When this type of equipment is not discarded in a responsible manner, it results in toxic emissions that harm the environment.

Here we give you pointers on how you can keep your print solutions green in our evolving business environment:

Choose a multifunctional printer: If you need to scan, copy, print in black and white as well as colour, the most efficient piece of office equipment you can have is an MFP (Multifunctional printer). This allows you to have all the functions you require in your office in only one piece of equipment saving you money on energy bills and reducing the amount of CO2 emissions you may have previously had by having several machines doing different functions. Also new printing solutions are greener nowadays so upgrading them will ultimately improve your environmental stance.

Switch off your machine at night: In standby, printers can use as much energy as when they are being used. You can ensure that you put the machine in sleep mode (you can find this in the settings), which means the machine will sleep automatically and this prevents energy being used unnecessarily.

Print both sides: make sure you place the settings when you print both sides reducing the amount of paper you use, particularly for those larger documents. Reducing the amount of paper, you use will significantly improve your green status.

Print preview: Always do a print preview so that you can see how your document will be printed. When you print without checking the preview and you discover that it has been printing incorrectly this can increase your paper wastage considerably!

Recycle whatever you can! Always take time to consider that you are recycling everything you can for your print solutions, and really this should become a company wide policy with your employees engaged on your new processes. Recycling paper will reduce the need to cut down trees and in turn reduces the energy used for paper production. 5million trees a year could be saved if everyone recycled 10% more paper! Landfill space is also saved when paper is reused. Also, did you know that your toners can be reused as well. This essential component for your printer has always been considered a wasteful product that does not decompose and just takes up valuable space at landfill. However, all responsible manufactures now have the capacity to recycle your toners and you can ask your supplier to provide you with information on this.

Use the correct paper: for presentation and marketing materials, you obviously need a high-quality glossy paper but if you are just printing out meeting minutes just make sure you use a normal average grade.

Create on draft documents: try printing in economy mode, it’s not a pristine finish but you can save that for the real thing and when any amendments have been made.

Release print jobs when you’re at the machine: there are several systems that are now available to ensure this happens. At Mode we use the Follow me printing system where the print job is only released when the person is at the machine and enters a pin or presents a card to the machine. This reduces paper being left at the machine and wasted.

Get a scrap tray: to further help being more green whilst printing implement a scrap tray policy then if you have printed accidentally the paper can be used for meeting notes etc.

Dispose of your old solutions properly: Old printing solutions have been notoriously bad for the environment, however, if you are working with a new supplier, they should be able to help you with the disposal of this equipment properly to get you on the road of being green!

However, it’s not just Printing solutions that need to be green, really any business should implement a wider policy to reduce the impact we all have on the environment. This could include:

  • Cutting water wastage-ask your employees how they might be able to help with that
  • Cut down on heating bills-think about how this can be done
  • Implement a whole recycling plan
  • Have energy saving light bulbs

If you want to discuss how Mode can help you be green with your printing solutions, then do contact us today to talk to one of the team.

5 Ways to Increase Print Efficiency in the Office

Many businesses are losing money and wasting valuable time by simply failing to streamline their printing processes. A few small changes can bring significant benefits when it comes to efficient printing: for example, training staff to use the “print double-sided” option will halve the volume of paper used in your office.

Here at Mode we focus on efficiency, which means that we are consistently working with you to decrease your rate of consumption and waste and increase your productivity.

Below we have put together five simple printing processes for you to consider, helping you increase print efficiency in your workplace:

  • Follow Me Printing – This gives users the flexibility to print from any machine within the organisation, avoiding queues, minimising abandoned prints and improving workflow.
  • Printer Load Balancing – Means that documents do not have to wait for prior jobs to print. Documents are routed to available printers and printed right away.
  • Assigning Print jobs – These can be assigned to individual clients or departments, which allows you to keep track of who is printing each print job and monitor your printing costs.
  • Print Access Restrictions – This allows you to place limits on the amount an individual or group can print. You can also enable or disable printer access to certain individuals or departments.
  • Pop-up Print Warnings – These can be tailored to remind your staff of your printing policies and encourage them to use options such as black & white or double sided document printing.

For more advice on the best printing options for your business, and how managed document services can improve your company’s productivity and carbon footprint, get in touch with our team!

Mode’s 10 Green Printing Tips

If your business is looking for ways to reduce the impact it has on the environment, a great place to start is by looking at your office printers and your printing methods.
By evaluating your energy consumption, toner and paper waste you could help reduce your costs and improve your impact on the environment.

By adopting some of our tips below and making changes to how you and your office print documents, you’ll soon be able to go green as a team!

  1. Print double sided – to reduce the amount of unnecessary paper used.
  2. Print a draft copy – running a draft copy before printing a large job prevents mistakes and saves paper.
  3. Print preview – use this function to check that your formatting is correct before printing.
  4. Energy efficiency – ensure that your machines are switched to ‘stand-by mode’ when not in use. You can also set large print jobs to run at night, benefitting from cheaper electricity.
  5. Recycled paper – you may be able to use recycled paper with your current printer. However, not all printers are compatible. Please get in touch with us for advice.
  6. Save electricity – by sharing printers, scanners and other IT equipment across departments.
  7. Follow me printing – will release your print job through a secure access code to any machine in your organisation, reducing waste from abandoned prints.
  8. Custom printing profiles – reduces your toner consumption by defaulting to black and white and saves paper with double sided printing.
  9. Recycling schemes – encourage recycling in your workplace and see what recycling options you have available in your area for printer ink cartridges, paper and more.
  10. Eco-friendly printers – are a great choice if you’re serious about ‘going green’. Designed to use less energy than other printers on the market, eco-friendly printers will not compromise on performance. If you want to know more, please get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to give you advice.

Paper is Environmentally Friendly!

The paper industry has sustained consistent criticism over recent years that its practises are imperilling the environment by destroying forests to boost profits! This accusation that making paper is a danger to the environment has become increasingly loud, particularly as society has become more digitised.

On the other hand, the paper industry has a strong counter argument: Its practises are environmentally sound and it boosts a commitment to sustainable forestry. This is an argument promoted by paper and print advocacy group, Two Sides, which ran an advertising campaign in 2015 that featured in the National Press promoting the sustainability of paper and print.

Key messages of their campaign were that Europe recycles 72% of paper consumed and European forests have increased in size by 30% since 1950. Two Sides also actively encourages people to go and visit their paper mill and see the day-to-day workings.

Print Week recently visited a paper mill owned by UPM in the Bavarian Town of Augsburg and discovered that much of Germany’s forestry (which covers around a third of the country) is certified to certain ecological and socio-economic standards, a level of accreditation that UPM demands from all its supply partners.

There is also a strong commitment within the industry to boost a variety of trees, allowing the forest ecosystem to adapt to environmental change, such as changes to climate. Furthermore, paper companies are persistent in ensuring that the suppliers they use are committed to recycling, with many ensuring that there are best practises in sustainable forestry and wood sourcing.

Printing Resolutions That Save You Time and Money

save money printing

Most people enter a new year looking to make improvements, whether they want to lose weight, save money, or spend more time with friends – why should your business be any different? Like most businesses, you can probably improve efficiency in your office or save money by making a few small changes – you can even save the environment in the process!

Save Money on Your Printing

Every business has to be concerned about the bottom line – improving office efficiency typically reduces unnecessary waste and costs. There are a number of ways that you can reduce your printing costs and ensure that you have a more affluent 2017:

  • Use a print management solution: print management allows you to set processes that reduce your wastage – you can set up your system so that print jobs are only released when someone is there to pick them up, for example, which means that you do not waste money on unnecessary printing.
  • Update your defaults: set all of your printing defaults to mono and double sided to avoid wasting toner and paper.
  • Review your print set up to see whether you could rearrange your printers or lease agreement to reduce your monthly costs.

Stop Wasting Time on Your Printer

If your team are spending a lot of time manually scanning, collating, saving into the appropriate folder, or even sorting print jobs out, you need to assess your equipment and print management. Modern printers have a huge range of options that allow you to scan directly into the appropriate folder, scan into an email attachment, and even fold or staple brochures if you print your marketing in-house.

Be a Little Greener in 2017

Every saving – whether in paper, toner, or electricity – helps to reduce your environmental impact. By saving money, you can also save the environment.

3 Ways to Reduce Your Print Needs


A paperless office has been a dream for many business owners for over a decade, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that completely abandoning paper is both unrealistic and counter-intuitive for many businesses. However, that doesn’t mean that your business cannot cut down on print requirements and streamline processes to reduce your waste.

Reduce Your Number of Printers

Many of our clients come to us with a number of printers – all from different manufacturers and set up differently, which makes it difficult to create a cohesive and useful print environment. One simple way to make your printing easier and create valuable print processes is to have fewer machines that do more. Printers are often shared by just 2-3 employees – increasing that ratio to around 7-8 employees per printer reduces your overall lease costs and allows you consolidate your processes to fewer machines.

Scan and Share

Not every single process requires a printed document. If you still have files full of customer contracts and less and less space to put them, simply scan your contracts and store them in the cloud. This reduces the risk of losing important paperwork and means that you can find files and contracts in seconds without ever leaving your desk.

Print from Anywhere

Cloud printing means that you no longer have to physically be in an office to print, or even need an on-site printer. People can print documents from any cloud-connected device to any printer – whether it’s 2 desks over or in another country. Many printers are already cloud-capable, and just need the necessary apps installed to make the most of those capabilities.

These simple tweaks to your existing system can result in significant savings, both in terms of your monthly lease costs and your daily printing requirements. For a more in-depth review of your print environment, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

Mode Print Solutions are a CarbonZero Company for the 2nd Year

carbonzero printing company

We believe that every business needs to have a commitment to the environment and the wider world that we live in. That’s why we joined the CO2balance Kenyan Energy Stove Project and devoted resources to become a CarbonZero company from September last year.

The CO2balance Kenyan Energy Stove Project supplies energy saving stoves to villagers throughout Kenya. Traditional Kenyan cooking is done on a three stone fire, which is incredibly inefficient and fills villagers’ homes with smoke which can cause or exacerbate a range of health issues. The brick stoves provided by the CO2balance Kenyan Energy Stove Project reduce firewood usage by 50% and lower carbon emissions through cooking. Other benefits are that it makes cooking more cost-effective, reduces deforestation, and improves health by reducing the amount of smoke that cooking creates. Indoor smoke is dubbed the ‘kitchen killer’ and causes 1.9 million deaths in Africa every single year.

We’re proud to be part of the project and to help both the environment and people around the world who have the same concerns and needs as us – healthy food, healthy homes, and the desire to leave a better world for their children. Initiatives such as the Kenyan Energy Stove Project allows us to give back to the global community to improve life for less fortunate families and reduce harmful emissions that are driving global temperatures upwards.

Climate change is arguably the most significant issue facing the global community today, and we believe that all businesses and people need to unite to do what they can to reduce carbon emissions. To find out more about our commitment to the environment, take a look at our Green Promise.

Rio 2016 Promotes Environmental Responsibility with FSC Paper

sustainable printing olympics

Just over 10 years ago Brazil had the highest deforestation rate in the world – since then, governments and charities have focused on improving responsible forestry and the impact of timber and paper businesses on the environment. Rio 2016 is a fantastic opportunity put those priorities on centre-stage, which is exactly what organisers have done.

The Rio 2016 Committee has partnered with the FSC to increase environmental awareness around the games and ensure that all products acquired for them – from structural timber to stationery – are FSC certified.

214 organisations have become FSC certificate holders since the Olympics agreement was made, including paper and graphics partners. Some FSC suppliers were even chosen as Olympic torch-bearers to acknowledge the work they do in taking care of Brazilian forests.

The paper used by the Olympics events include 7.5 million tickets, 37,347 awarding diplomas, 5,130 Authenticity Olympic and Paralympic medal certificates, 93,754 participation certificates, 237,877 celebration certificates, and the Rio 2016 sticker album.

Kim Carstensen, FSC Managing Director, said “We are very proud to be associated with the Olympics because it is a global event with a very important audience that has allowed us to increase sustainable awareness around the games themselves, as well as motivate people to use responsibly sourced forest products.”

Sustainability and the environment have always been priorities for Mode Print Solutions, which is why we place an emphasis on intelligent printing and recycling. As part of our commitment to the environment we offer a toner recycling programme and a range of tools that will help your business reduce paper use and streamline document processes. If you’re inspired by the Olympic games and the FSC to improve your relationship with the environment, please get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve that with your print processes.

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