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Efficient Printing and the Environment – Why it’s Everyone’s Responsibility

Efficient printing

Efficient printing is one of the ways in which you can actively help to create a sustainable environment in your organisation. Efficient doesn’t just mean fast and simple, it can also mean sustainable.

The planet aside, efficient printing will also save you money by reducing your consumption of toner and of paper.

There are certain key elements which should be put into play to ensure that your print efficiency is working at maximum capacity – they are as follows:

  • Follow me printing: This means releasing your print job through a secure code to any machine in your organisation. Follow me printing reduces the waste caused by abandoned prints.
  • Rules-based printing: Reducing toner consumption by defaulting to mono printing and printing only the current page. This is especially relevant when it comes to large email streams.
  • Print draft copies: Running a draft copy before large jobs prevents expensive mistakes which saves both paper and toner.
  • Print preview: This is an important function for checking orientation and formatting are correct before printing.
  • Energy efficiency: Always ensure that machines are switched to “night mode” which ensures they enter stand-by mode when unused. You can also set larger print jobs to run at night which will enable you to benefit from cheaper electricity.

The importance of keeping control of print output in the workplace cannot be underestimated. Creating print policies for example are relatively simple but ensuring that the rules are followed is another matter.

Mode can assist you in managing and implementing rules and strategies which will help you to achieve green printing and fulfil your environmental policies.

Contact Mode Print Solutions today to learn more about Mode’s commitment to the environment.

Printing and the Environment

printing and the environment

Concern for the environment is at an all-time high and with global warming a very real concern, there’s little wonder that many enterprises are looking at ways of reducing their carbon footprint.

Mode Print Solutions are passionate about their part in the environment and as a result are involved in a number of schemes and innovative programmes to help us all make a difference when it comes to the environment.

Recycling Cartridges

Mode Print Solutions is proud to be in a position to assist clients with their cartridge recycling and Mode’s Service Department are on hand to offer advice as well as practical help to those who need it.

Carbon Zero

Mode is also passionate about carbon neutrality and constantly measures and manages its carbon footprint in order to minimize impact on climate change.

Working towards this goal is made even more satisfying by a consistent and active part in world climate change. Mode’s actions include investment in carbon reduction projects in the UK and in the developing world in order to offset carbon emissions.

Mode considers environmental action to be an integral part of its work and the company looks forward to continuing to support and foster environmental action in the future.


World Environment Day June 5th 2016

Mode is always aware of our environment not only locally but also globally. So on 5th June we would like to acknowledge and support World Environment day.

Since its inception in 1974, World Environment Day has developed into a global platform for raising awareness and taking action on increasingly urgent issues from marine pollution and global warming to sustainable consumption and wildlife crime. Millions of people around the world have been motivated by the ‘people’s day’ for action, and this has increased in momentum into a global movement through the expanding WED website and social media.


This year’s theme for World Environment Day – Go Wild for Life – encourages us to celebrate all those species under threat and take action of your own to help safeguard them for future generations. This can be about animals or plants that are threatened within your local area as well as at the national or global level. Whoever you are, and wherever you live, show zero-tolerance for the illegal trade in wildlife in word and deed, and make a difference.

Wildlife crime endangers iconic elephants, rhinos, tigers, gorillas and sea turtles. In 2011, a subspecies of Javan rhino became extinct in Vietnam, while the last western black rhinos vanished from Cameroon the same year. Great apes have disappeared from Gambia, Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo, and other countries could quickly follow. Lesser-known victims include helmeted hornbills and pangolins as well as wild orchids and timbers like Rosewood – flowers and timber are also considered wildlife!

Mode already plays its part in being committed to being a Zero Carbon company as well as our internal recycling policies that we encourage all our clients to participate in. We also recognise that whilst as individuals we often feel that we cannot make a difference, we know that together by each playing a part either in business or individually, we CAN make a difference to protect our environment.

To find out more about our environmental policies, visit Mode’s environment page on our website.

Mode Survey Indicates Positive Trends for Cloud Technology

cloud computing survey

Mode’s recent in-depth survey of a variety of SMEs from different sectors including the medical industry, hospitality, finance and manufacturing has indicated some very clear and very positive trends for the future when it comes to cloud technology.

It’s not actually so long ago that dark predictions of a future without the need for print or paper were being bandied about in the world of both print and computing. This ‘death of print’ however has not only failed to materialize but quite the opposite.

The digital economy and an increasingly mobile business environment is behind a rise in the demand for cloud printing solutions and figures indicate that most companies are finding both the flexibility the cloud offers as well as the opportunity for more remote working opportunities are instrumental in their plans to continue implementing the use of cloud-enabled printers within their workspaces.

Cloud-enabled printers or multifunctional devices (MFDs) are revolutionizing the way SMEs and larger organisations manage their day-to-day business, expanding content-management possibilities beyond the realms previously imagined.

With the latest technology, the humble printer becomes a productivity enhancing fixture, saving time and money in the modern cloud-enabled workplace.

Providing a gateway between paper and digital is the ultimate aim of the latest advances and according to Mode’s survey, businesses are getting on board.

The need for print hasn’t gone away, we just want more flexibility

An overwhelming majority of SMEs currently using the cloud and surveyed by Mode, indicated that they planned to continue using the cloud over the coming year. Those SMEs also stated that the most important benefits already experienced were more flexibility and better opportunities for employees to benefit from remote working.

Flexibility is a key word here with a significant amount of participants looking to the future and planning to implement the necessary changes which would offer their workforce the benefits of more socially advantageous, remote and flexible working arrangements.

Home-based workers are a growing group within the UK and those figures are set to rise as more and more employees are seen to be taking advantage of the opportunity when it is offered. 13.9% of the British workforce were working from home in 2014 and as this figure is set to rise, employers will need to implement changes to their infrastructures to provide for this.

Growth in cloud solutions indicated despite predicted decline in IT spending

Recent research by Gartner Inc. has indicated that while expenditure on a global level is set to decline in 2016 when it comes to devices, the predicted growth of software expenditure is forecast to rise by 4.2%.

Of those SME’s surveyed by Mode who were not already using the cloud, 50% of them were open to or planning on implementing it in future. This could herald a change in the predicted shrinking of expenditure on devices as those companies not already benefitting from cloud solution jump on board.

These figures also indicate that despite the recent news illustrating a predicted downturn in global IT spending over the coming years, SMEs at least, appear to be planning quite the opposite.

In fact, 41% of those surveyed who were already using cloud computing solutions, indicated that they were planning to increase their cloud usage over the coming year which could have a knock-on effect on the trends for investment in new devices.

The cusp of change

We are still at the very brink of the changes which are allowing employers and workforces alike more flexibility and free movement thanks to mobile and cloud technologies and this is in part why change is so rapid and so difficult to predict accurately.

With around 60% of SMEs feeling they lack the knowledge and skills to successfully make the move towards full implementation of cloud computing and still more stating that they have security concerns in relation to utilising the cloud within the workplace, the future seems uncertain; however, government funding announced in 2015 to provide SMEs with grants worth up to £5,000 to pay for specialist advice to boost their cyber security, at least one aspect of the issue is more than surmountable.

As knowledge, funding and accessibility improves, it is almost certain that the predicted growth of cloud computing as seen in Mode’s survey, will continue to develop and be implemented sooner rather than later.







The Merits of Stone Based Paper

stone based paper

First developed in the 1990’s, stone paper has been expanding and improving ever since. Stone based paper is made from the remnants of mining; it is powder ground from stone and has some amazing benefits.  Read on to find out more.

What Is Stone Based Paper?

Stone based paper is made when nontoxic resins bond with calcium carbonate, creating a naturally white paper that is durable and eco-friendly.

Environmental Merits of Stone Based Paper

Environmentally, this paper is sound.  You can make it using 30% less power than recycled paper and there is no timber pulp needed for its manufacture.  That said, it solely uses electric power- there isn’t a washing and drying process which can add harmful particles to the air.

Calcium Carbonate is naturally white, so there isn’t a need for acid bleaching, chlorine, or any other whitening processes.  It’s also recyclable, yet no waste water is produced when it’s recycled.  Plus, it can be recycled with your paper recycling.

General Benefits of Stone Based Paper

Water resistant, durable, and silky to touch, stone based paper has a lot to brag about.  It promises that you won’t get a paper cut, while you’ll still be able to make an excellent paper airplane.  You can find stone paper marketed under a variety of trade names- it’s printable, grain free, and burns cleanly with no toxic fumes expended into the air.

There are other additional benefits to stone based paper.  It has a weighty feel that conveys a sense of luxuriousness, while being super strong and tear resistant.  You can write on it when it’s wet; divers use it underwater for their notebooks for this reason.

There are some drawbacks to stone based paper. You wouldn’t want to use it for large mailing campaigns due to its weight.  Its natural whiteness will also create some colour variation, which is something to bear in mind.  Print projects using stone paper are impressive and great for presentations and projects meant to impress.  Stone based paper is not meant to replace tree based paper- it’s more like a new, occasional alternative with some very appealing benefits.

For information on print based solutions, contact Mode Print Solutions today.

Xerox, Lexmark, Ricoh, and Toshiba Printing – Updates from Our Brands

green printing symbols

We’re proud to work with some of the best brands in the industry to provide bespoke solutions for our clients. These brands are world renowned for quality and their green credentials; just two of the reasons why we selected them as suppliers.

To help you stay up to date on the latest information and find useful articles online, here are some of the recent print highlights from our favourite brands:

Finally, Xerox have sent an extremely useful article on why you may need to reassess your Managed Print Services. If you’re under pressure to decrease your business costs, identify the hidden costs of your print equipment, or want to track and measure your printing, just get in touch to discuss Managed Print Services.

4 Ways to Print Less and Save More


Businesses seem to fall into two main camps; those to aim to go ‘paperless’ and those who depend on printing for their day to day admin. However, most offices could implement a few simple changes and significantly cut down on waste and excessive printing. 92% of people say that they print more than they need and then throw away up to a third of what they print. This waste costs UK businesses millions every single year.

Print less is surprisingly easy – a lot can be achieved by simply putting a policy in place and communicating it properly. However, using the tools at your disposal can reinforce that policy and monitor print activity to find further efficiencies.

Set up Print Authorisation

Depending on your office printers and photocopiers, you may be able to set up print authorisation. This means that a job isn’t actually printed until somebody goes to the printer and authenticates it. This can completely eliminate unclaimed documents and unnecessary print jobs. It can also cut down on excess printing through user error, such as pushing a print job through more than once since only one copy will be authorised.

Reduce Paper Processes

A lot of businesses still have a huge number of paper processes that require documents to be printed for filing or other admin. Scanning these documents and emailing them to colleagues or filing them in cloud storage can streamline your processes, reduce the need for dozens of filing cabinets, and reduce your print spend.

Create Efficient Default Printer Settings

You can reduce the number of pages printed within your business by changing the default settings on your printer. This will ensure that your employees print double sided sheets automatically, or all printing jobs are set to black and white. This is a far simpler way of reinforcing a policy as everybody will print that way you require unless they purposefully change the settings

Monitor Your Print Data

Print Management Software helps you monitor print usage and identify areas where a particular person, department, or floor can improve. You can analyse data to reduce print output and keep improving your processes.

Hertfordshire Print Supplier Plants 3,000 Trees

ricoh trees hertfordshire

We’re committed to the environment, which is why we only work with suppliers who have excellent green credentials and processes that minimise their impact on the environment at every step of the supply chain.

One of our print supply partners, Ricoh, compensates for their CO2 emissions by planting and conserving British woodland. Carbon Capture helps Ricoh remove CO2 by creating native woodland across the country; they remove just as much CO2 as they create. Ricoh also donate 2p per ream of paper to The Woodland Trust, which means that a tree is planted for every pallet bought.

This recent project was part of Carbon Capture’s Tree Planting Day in Heartwood Forest, Hertfordshire. The work by 150 participants ensured that the site will become the UK’s biggest continuous new native woodland.

Ricoh’s Carbon Capture scheme operates under the Woodland Trust’s Carbon scheme and the government’s Woodland Carbon Code, which is a voluntary standard for British woodland creation projects.

25m2 of woodland will capture and store a tonne of CO2, so creating large areas of new woodland will remove hundreds and thousands of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere – something that will benefit the entire country and the entire planet.

Ricoh is just one of many suppliers we work with who have carbon offset and reduction schemes. We understand that print can have a huge impact on the environment if not managed effectively, which is why we have made our Green Promise to minimise that impact and help your business to do the same, whether it’s by using ethical suppliers such as Mode or improving your print efficiency so that you consume less.

Go Green for 2014 and Beyond!

As businesses, we are all faced with the challenges of keeping costs down, whether you are a small or globally-recognised organisation. We are all now responsible for reducing waste, lowering energy consumption and capping carbon emissions.

However, there are steps we can all take to save money and help reduce our carbon footprint. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business switching off a computer at the end of the day or a multinational with hundreds of employees, the statistics are still the same – computers and any kind of technology can account for half the electricity used in a typical office. Just one computer alone being left on standby can cost a business up to £20 a year.

If we all adopt eco-friendly policies when thinking about the purchases we make, and support organisations that adopt a strong environmental stance as we do at Mode, it makes perfect financial sense! Also, by adopting this policy we can all be mindful of the environment whilst still meeting our customers’ needs.

Studies have shown that a healthy office environment has a beneficial effect, creating a positive working environment and benefitting concentration levels. By having solid environmental programmes in place, keep staff tend to be happier and –  more importantly –  healthier, with fewer sick days reported. There is also evidence that companies adopting healthy-office strategies are able  to attract a higher calibre of staff.

It has also been shown that companies  operating a more sustainable culture are likely to outperform the competition whilst also being regarded more highly in the communities in which they work. Ultimately, eco-savvy organisations are more likely to innovate and produce products and services that consumers want, resulting in a loyal consumer base.

Operating a green business shows you operate a smart business. You need to motivate your staff, enabling them to be greener in their practices and purchases, thus empowering them to make their working environment a better place to operate in.
Go green for 2014 and beyond!

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