Reduce Costs with Efficient Printing

UK Businesses spend £5.8 billion per year on outsourced printing, and a further £14.3 billion per year on in-house printing. This part of running a business comes with significant costs but there are also a lot of opportunities to save money with more efficient processes and policies.

The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) estimates that UK businesses can save between £900 million and £2.1 billion per year by bringing more printing in-house and managing printing tasks for efficiently.

Bring Printing In-House

A lot of external printing is extremely wasteful. Companies often print far more than they need to achieve cost savings, or simply because the outsourced printing company does not offer a smaller package. Excess is typically 20% of each job, which is a huge amount of waste every year.

Use Double-Sided Printing

Creating a policy and process that requires double-sided printing can instantly reduce your paper usage by 50%. It’s an incredibly simple and easy way to reduce the amount of consumables you need to buy while minimising environmental impact. Yet a huge proportion of UK businesses still print on a single side.

Only Print Upon Release

Many printers offer the opportunity to set a process to ensure that print jobs aren’t completed until there’s somebody there to pick it up. While the primary aim is to improve security, this also improves efficiency since print jobs aren’t submitted and then left. Companies have achieved significant savings by implementing print upon release as a general policy.

See the Changes Yourself

The CEBR believes that more efficient printing practices could have a huge impact on the UK economy as a whole, with a potential GDP boost of £2.84 billion and an increase of £810 million in investment. The impact for individual companies could be huge, as fewer consumables need to be ordered and less paper is wasted.

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