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It's not leasing, it's SIMPLE the THIRD WAY...

It’s not leasing, it’s SIMPLE the THIRD WAY…

MODE do not lease printers, we offer the THIRD WAY… ensuring that your organisation has the equipment it needs to succeed without a high initial outlay or an unpredictable budget. Mode’s SIMPLE solution ensures that you only speak to Mode., If you become a client of Mode, you will not need to speak to a bank or finance company and will only have a contract with us. If you have an existing contract with another company, we can negotiate to settle this in advance to ensure that you have the flexibility you need to find the perfect solution.

What are the Benefits of Leased Printers?


Leasing | The Old Way…

Sign a deal with one company, only to discover the finance is with someone else. The company you acquired your print solutions from is paid off and no longer deals with you.

Because the provider you signed with has already received all their money up-front from the finance company, they don’t necessarily have an incentive to continue servicing your equipment in line with your expectations.


The major advantage of using SIMPLE for your print solutions requirements is that you have a single monthly fee for the duration of your agreement.

If your requirements change and you need to upgrade your system, we can review the fee and see whether your budget can accommodate the change.

Your organisation doesn’t need to consider depreciating assets or the burden of disposing of old machines in line with environmental regulations.


SIMPLE | The Third Way…

Mode’s SIMPLE agreement makes obtaining your print solutions through us even easier, with straight-forward contracts and ongoing account management from a single provider so your users get the solution they need with minimal admin time and costs for the agreement. We receive no money up-front, as we believe in providing high levels of service and support right through the term of the contract.

Equipment and service through a single provider – no need to deal with a finance company – only ourselves

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