Should I Buy or Lease an Office Printer?

Leasing your office printer can make the right system far more affordable and offers flexibility to make amendments as your needs change without having to invest a lot of money upfront. While purchasing outright avoids the need to set up credit agreements, it can be a worse decision overall due to the quick depreciation of technological equipment.

The Benefits of Leasing Printers

One of the largest benefits is that leasing keeps your equipment up to date – computers and printers become obsolete eventually. When you have a leasing agreement, you can upgrade your equipment regularly so that you’re not stuck with outdated printers and systems. For most businesses, this is the biggest benefit of leasing any tech equipment.

You’ll also have predictable monthly outgoings with no need to pay a large amount upfront. A full printing system can cost thousands, if not tens of thousands, to set up – this cost is often prohibitive, especially for small businesses and start-ups.

The Benefits of Buying Printers

Buying can be simpler than leasing – there are no monthly payments, no credit agreements, and you just decide what you need and buy it. Mode, however, have brought the benefits of leasing into our own SIMPLE solution. There are no complex credit agreements with third parties, you make an agreement with Mode for our SIMPLE print solution. That means you only deal with us, and only need to speak to a single person about any aspect of your print agreement.

What’s Best for Your Business

Every business is different. However, for our clients, using our SIMPLE product rather than leasing is the best way forward to maintain a consistent budget and up-to-date printing system. Just let us know about your business and your budgets, and we’ll find a solution that suits you.

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