Green Printing

Mode has always been committed to reducing our impact on our environment. Many of the processes we implement with our clients focuses on printing as greenly as we can.

We’ve implemented for our clients:

  •  “Follow me printing” – release your print job through a secure access code to any machine in your business, eliminating the waste of abandoned prints.
  • Rules-based printing – reduce your toner consumption by defaulting to mono printing and print only the current page – particularly useful with large email streams.
  • Print a draft copy – running a draft copy before printing a large job prevents costly mistakes, saving on paper and toner.
  • Print Preview – use this function to check that orientation and formatting are correct before printing.
  • Energy Efficiency – ensure that your machines switch to ‘night mode’, causing them to go into stand-by mode when not in use. You can set large print jobs to run at night, benefitting from cheaper electricity.
  • Recycled paper – not all printers are able to print onto recycled paper – choose one from us that does.
  • Avoid printing pictures where possible – this reduces the amount of toner you use.
  • Consider the suppliers you’re using and whether they follow Green printing practices
  • Create a green printing culture in your business so your teams are aware of your vision
  • By considering how you’re printing, you are considering its impact on the environment.