Carbon Zero

We at Mode Print Solutions recognise the dangers of climate change and take seriously our corporate responsibility to reduce our industry’s carbon footprint.

  • We carefully select the manufacturers we partner with to ensure they share our environmental values and that they all have clear environmental policies in place.
  • By working with us you can be confident that your print systems are responsibly recycled at the end of their life. All our manufacturers operate carbon offset reduction schemes.

Carbon Zero Projects

In addition, Mode actively measures and manages our own carbon footprint to reduce our impact on climate change.

  • We work with an independent organisation to calculate, reduce and offset our residual carbon emissions, to become Carbon Zero.
  • We invest in carbon reduction projects in the UK and developing world in order to offset our carbon emissions.

One such project is ‘The African Energy-Efficient Stove Project’

The African Energy-Efficient Stove Project works with poor communities to replace open fires cooking with efficient enclosed stoves that save wood and reduce carbon emissions. In addition, they produce significant environmental, social, health and welfare benefits for the communities in which we work.

The premise of these projects is simple. Across the developing world and specifically in Sub-Saharan Africa, many people still cook in a traditional way on what is called a three stone fire in their houses. This enclosed smoke is a major cause of health issues.