Green Printing Tips

Efficient printing doesn’t just help reduce your costs; it can reduce your impact on the environment. We all have a responsibility to contribute to reducing excessive consumption; the environment will certainly appreciate it and your clients will too!

Mode’s Easy Steps for Print Efficiency

  • “Follow me printing” – release your print job through a secure access code to any machine in your organisation, eliminating the waste of abandoned prints.
  • Rules-based printing – reduce your toner consumption by defaulting to mono printing and print only the current page – particularly useful with large email streams.
  • Print a draft copy – running a draft copy before printing a large job prevents costly mistakes, saving on paper and toner.
  • Print Preview – use this function to check that orientation and formatting are correct before printing.
  • Energy Efficiency – ensure that your machines switch to ‘night mode’, causing them to go into stand-by mode when not in use. You can set large print jobs to run at night, benefitting from cheaper electricity.
  • Recycled paper – not all printers are able to print onto recycled paper – choose one from us that does.

Policy Enforcement

Creating print policies is relatively simple but ensuring that users follow them can be a little more challenging.

  • Our Print Management Solutions provide options such as pop-ups to remind users about your policies and encourage them to print more efficiently.
  • If you favour more control, you can implement rules-based printing to enforce your policies.

Choose Mode

As your partner of choice, Mode can help you achieve green printing and fulfil your environmental policies too; your product, and the supply chain used to create and distribute each item, have a direct impact on CO2 emissions.

The manufacturers we use also provide eco-friendly money-saving features such as fast duplex printing, low sleep mode, higher toner yield, and toxin-free materials that comply with the EU RoHS directive. Speak to us about your aims and we will help you find a cost-efficient way to fulfil them.