Green Promise

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Reducing the print industry's carbon footprint

We at Mode Print Solutions recognise the dangers of climate change so our Green Promise is central to everything we do.

We take seriously our corporate responsibility to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint, from carefully selecting manufacturers through to our business processes and the print systems that we promote.

As part of our agreement with every client, we promote good working practices to reduce paper and ink waste and minimise the effects of pollution at every point in the supply chain.

Environmentally-Friendly Suppliers

We only work with manufacturers who share our environmental concerns. We have carefully selected the manufacturers we work with to ensure they share our environmental values and that they all have clear environmental policies in place. So by working with us you can be confident that your print systems are responsibly manufactured and will be recycled at the end of their life. All of our manufacturers also operate carbon offset or reduction schemes.

A Commitment to Green Practices

In addition to carefully selecting our partners, we have also implemented a number of internal programmes to help protect the environment. We aim to conserve all natural resources and reduce energy usage in all of our offices by using energy-efficient lighting, heating and air conditioning systems.  Our recycling programme includes paper, plastics, cardboard, aluminium and the careful separation of waste from decommissioned devices. We offer a number of recycling options to clients to recycle toner and ensure that all print systems are disposed of ethically.

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