How we helped our Clients in the Architects World

Working with Architects to improve the quality of their printing operations

Our Architectural clients focus on the quality and accuracy of their drawings and one of our clients who recently approached us, needed to ensure that they were able to produce detailed A3 Drawings so that people could accurately scale from them. Lots of information is contained within these drawings and clarity and precision is paramount.

What were our client’s objectives?

The practice produces tender documents containing hundreds of pages. These are printed and sent to all contractors/suppliers meaning that up to 12 copies of this large document needs to be printed. In addition, 12 sets of 100 A3 drawings will also need to be printed and go to each.

Often during a tender, PDF documents will need to be sent. Again, this could require 150 pages, A3 Drawings that must be scanned through the machine.

Each project has its own unique folder and sub folders within Google Drive.

As our client start to work on bigger schemes in the future, there will be a requirement to produce bigger drawings in A1 + A2.


What were our clients concerns?

Their current equipment was very slow to process larger files and drawings took too long to print. It was particularly bad first thing in the morning.

One of the main concerns with their previous solutions centred around print quality and the replication between what is seen on screen vs what is printed. Often the two things are very different which is frustrating. When printing line drawings, the lines printed can appear much thicker/heavier than intended and clarity and precision is lost which makes them very difficult to read/scale from.

Their legacy solutions were simply not designed to produce the quantities of print at the quality required. Print work was often having to be sent to an external printers to print the artworks they needed for client presentations. To produce a large tender document externally costs circa £200.00 and comes with additional turn-around challenges.

Whenever there was a problem with their printing devices, the process to rectify was very long winded. The current supplier will send a replacement part in the post and then organise an engineer visit. Their service response was shocking and it could often take more than a week to fix devices. That also meant that external prints were having to be done and further added to their costs significantly.

Their previous scan processes to get the documents into the end destination was very long winded. Only 70 pages could fit in the document feeder on the existing machine. Therefore, documents need to be joined and file size reduced. The document is scanned into the Samsung scan folder. It is then uploaded to a google drive. Each project has a folder and specific sub folders in which the document needed to be stored.

Having also not received any training from their previous managed print supplier, they were note maximising the efficiencies of their devices as well and ultimately were dissatisfied with the level of client support they were receiving.

Mode’s Solution

Having spent time listening to our clients concerns, we considered what devices would be capable of supporting an architects operations.

We firstly implemented a  Xerox device which has 90% more processing power than their previous machine and is designed to handle large files on a regular basis with ease. The memory of the device is double that of the current device to further aid with the processing speeds of large print jobs.

The new machine produces professional standard documents at 2,400 dpi. Because most of the documents that our Architects produce are PDF, the new device will be configured with the true Adobe™ Postscript print driver. Moving forward, the document produced and the printer will be working in complete tandem allowing our client to replicate the quality that is seen on screen in their print outs. In addition, fine line detailed drawings will be clear and precise allowing for easy and accurate scaling from the document.

We even further demonstrated this by producing sample prints to demonstrate the print quality of the new Xerox machine.

Mode’s service also always includes preventative maintenance which will ensure that the print quality is always at a maximum and allow consistency of print over time. Ultimately this is essential in supporting their operations.

Such is the speed of the new device, even the largest print run for a full tender will take less than an hour and a half to complete ensuring that the machine is free for other use and deadlines are met.

Larger print runs can be scheduled for release at a specific time to further help keep the device free during normally busier working periods. Also, large print runs can be paused so that a smaller job can be released before continuing.

Any unlikely problems on the new device will be resolved using automated servicing and electronic alerts. Mode can identify the problem prior to our on-site response which is averaged at 80 minutes. The engineer will arrive with the relevant part and as such, 96 % of our emergency calls are fixed on the first visit.

The new solution will provide Ashworth Parkes with peace of mind that they are properly set up with the right equipment and back up service to achieve all of their printing needs internally without the headache and added cost of using an external copy studio.

Other features we supported them with included:

Scan direct to and release from Google Drive.

Mobile print from tablet & smartphone.

Paper supply weight up to 300 gsm.

SRA3 print available for edge to edge finish on page.

The Mode Managed Print Suite allows our clients to accurately monitor and understand how much printing has been done for each job/project and the true cost.

The new device will allow users to scan while the device is printing.

Throughout their relationship with Mode, full training and support will be provided to our client to help ensure that users get the most out of the new solution.

As quality, consistency and reliability are key for architects, our clients are ultimately supported to ensure that they are delivering high service to their clients so that they are maximising their potential as a business.