Xerox MFDs

Xerox’s multi-functional devices are also called all-in-one printers, and come in a variety of sizes to suit any work place. The smallest devices are desktop versions which can print, copy, scan, and fax up to 30 items ppm, while the larger printers are suitable for larger teams that require finishing and graphics-intensive print outs.

Photocopiers, Scanners, Fax Machines, Printers, and Email in One

These devices manage a range of office processes, and are often referred to as photocopiers or printers rather than MFDs. This means that you could save on space requirements and running costs by buying a single MFD rather than multiple machines for the office. It also means that staff only need to learn how to use one machine rather than using multiple, separate processes to complete their photocopying, scanning, printing, or document management.

Xerox Software for MFDs

Since there is a memory and processing unit in Xerox MFDs, they have developed Xerox EIP. This software allows your MFD to fit the way that your office works. You can personalise your MFD, increase ROI from your Xerox device, and even create applications to support your particular work processes.

For example, EIP could help you scan documents directly into a particular document file with a single button or create menus using language that mirrors your office environment (such as ‘send expenses to accounts’ or ‘save to document store’).

EIP is not supported on every MFD from Xerox, but many of the WorkCentres, Pro WFDs, and ColorQubes support the software, as well as other devices.

Recycling with Xerox

Xerox runs a supplies recycling programme for consumables such as toner – the Xerox Green World Alliance programme has saved thousands of tonnes of office consumables from landfill by recycling their supplies. If you would like to use the programme as part of your responsible and environmental business practices, it’s a very easy process. You just need to visit the Xerox website and select your catridge type, and then submit a return label request. Mailing your supplies is free.