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A Leading University Turns to Mode for Help with GDPR

GDPR is the hot topic of the moment. On May 25th all companies and organisations will need to comply with the new law that will replace the current Data Protection laws. By not complying, Businesses could be fined 4% of annual turnover or 20 million euros, whichever is greater. The University’s Issues Mode welcomed the

Communication Executive Specialists Seek Refined Print Solutions

The Company’s Issues There were several challenges facing the Communications Executive Specialists when Mode first met with them. The quality of print from their current devices was dreadful and far too inferior to show the big clients they work with, some of which included large banks, such as HSBC. The devices were slow and temperamental

Mode’s Work to Provide Managed Print Solutions to Charities Continues

The Company’s Issues Mode always enjoys working with charities to stream line print solutions as a way of improving efficiency for the important work that they do. So, it was with no exception that we were delighted to have the opportunity to work with a charity that focuses on reforming humanitarian law. The advice team

Quality and Budget are the Focus!

The Company’s Issues When an events company approached Mode to discuss their print solution needs, it became evident that the need for quality print was top of their agenda! Their current supplier had been unable to offer them equipment that can produce the desired quality and, as a result, this had led to a level

A Community Nursery in Need of Organisation

The Company’s Issues A community nursery was really struggling with the organisation of their print solution. They suffered regular printer conflicts, where more than one person was trying to use the same printer at once. This was making it difficult for members to have quick access to the printer and often jobs came out all

Award Winning Premier Services and Bespoke Experiences Provider Seeks Mode’s Advice

The Company’s Issues Our client is a prestigious service provider that offers exclusive VIP experiences. They need their print solutions to produce high quality itinerary booklets that have high resolution pictures on quality paper stock. The company faced several challenges with their current print solutions: the process they followed to create the itinerary booklets required

Growing Technology Start Up Seeks Mode’s Help

The Company’s issues Start-up companies often struggle to obtain a proper office printer infrastructure due to the fact that they often need a small number of printers/limited print software package to begin with but need the capability that should they grow, their print solutions can grow with them. The technology company we spoke to had

Construction Company Struggles with Outdated Fleet

The Company’s Issues When Mode visited a thriving construction company it became apparent that they were struggling to deal with their existing print set up. They not only had 2 suppliers for their printing equipment, but both of the contracts carried early termination fees so they were locked into the deal – they did not

Managed Print Solutions for a Professional Dance Agency

Mode enjoys working with all types and sizes of industries. We were delighted when we were invited to assist an agency for professional dancers with their printing needs. The Company’s Issue Our client was really struggling with their equipment. They didn’t have a managed print solution and only possessed a domestic cheap A4 machine which

Green Print Solutions for a Queens Park Design Company

Mode Print Solutions recently visited a Queens Park design company who had consistent issues with increasingly poor quality prints from their previous supplier. Here’s how we helped them to find a solution. The Company’s Issue When we spent time with our clients, it became apparent that the company’s business was being severely affected by the

Office Printers for a Design Company in Farringdon

The Company’s Issue Excellent print quality is essential for design firms, so they need equipment that can output a lot of high quality work without affecting speed, quality, or consistency. Our client was dealing with a huge supplier and needed to make numerous calls whenever they had a problem – unfortunately, every call went to

Leased Printers for a Finance Start Up in the City of London

The Company’s Issues Our client is a brand new start-up so they had trouble getting finance for even a single printer. They tried a number of suppliers around London but nobody was willing to work with them on a leased agreement. As with any start up, they were hoping to gain traction and expand quickly

Office Printers for a Tech SME in London

The Company’s Issues Our client, a small software supplier, expanded and added desktop printers and photocopiers as they needed them. As they expanded to multiple offices across London, they simply bought additional machines through different suppliers which led to issues with consumables and maintenance. They also wasted thousands of pages in uncollected prints every week,

Managed Print for a Charity in London

The Company’s Issues Our client, Julie’s Bicycle, was a charity with staff working from two different sites. Both sites had a number of printers and multi-functional devices from different brands. Their main concern was the environmental impact – as a charity that’s primarily involved with environmental concerns, it was essential that their office, processes, and

Business Printers for a London Publishing Company

As print requirements grow, companies often buy products and services from a number of different companies to meet urgent demands. Unfortunately, this makes servicing and maintaining the machines extremely complicated. It can also hugely increase the amount that you spend since very little negotiation is done to create cost efficiencies. The Organisation’s Issues The publishing

SIMPLE Leased Print Agreement for a Financial Services Company

The Company’s Issues Like many companies, our client already had a print leasing agreement with another company – it was a huge financial obligation and they were only 2 years into the 5 yearcontract. Although they were making their payments, they weren’t getting the service that they expected and the equipment was constantly letting them

SIMPLE Print Financing for a School

Schools are incredibly print-heavy environments, with reports, letters and class worksheets being printed on a regular basis. However, most schools have stringent budgets so it is important to reduce spend in every area possible. The Organisation’s Issues: The school owned an ageing fleet of desktop printers and multifunctional devices (MFDs). As they owned all of the

Quality Printing for a Media/Marketing Company

Our range of printers and multi-functional devices (MFDs) includes high-quality machines suitable for printing and finishing elaborate marketing materials. Our focus on quality and our wide range of suppliers means that we can deliver excellent solutions for companies that create a lot of print-based products or even offer services that require larger-format or more elaborate

Print Management Software for a Law Firm

The legal sector presents a number of challenges. The need for frequent printing of long documents, many of which may be sensitive and confidential, requires a bespoke solution. The Organisation’s Issues: Our client was using outdated technology and had very little control over their printing processes. That created a number of problems for them, including high wastage

Efficient Document Management for an Insurance Company

Mode Print Solutions work across a range of industries to ensure that their document management and printing processes work as efficiently as possible. While there are differences based on individual company types, contract-heavy industries such as insurance often lose a lot of time and money through document management processes that require a huge amount of
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